It’s been a tricky old year indeed, and just like the vibrancy and frivolity defining the roaring 20s, we’re predicting a surge in statement colour requests come the turn of 2021. Statement in tonality, yes, but also in seamless integration, technical tenacity and submission to low key living. Here, we chat with Lakmé colour experts on the forecasts and formulas to mark the months ahead.


Samara Palazzi of La Sorella Salon, predicts a shift from solid blondes towards more multi-tonal effects – colour work incorporating more ‘natural’ for added dimension throughout. Supporting techniques include piggybacking (foils) and working with bigger weaves, “still incorporating a good face frame but leaving-out enough section (in-between) to create depth,” says Samara. This expert recommends working with two-to-four Lakmé shades for that true, multi-tonal effect, and warns against over highlighting, losing that gorgeous dimension. Also, avoid foiling directly down the centre part as this can cause foil lines. In terms of preferred formula, it’s Lakmé Chroma all the way. “We absolutely love using Lakmé Chroma for low lighting, the 661 or 761 gives an incredible multi-toned look without going too warm or flat,” says Samara. And of course, what is a professional colour without a home haircare regime for sustainable results? “We are in love with the Lakmé Teknia Deep Care range, for blondes in particular, as it’s the ultimate re-constructor and simultaneously prevents colour fade.”

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Jamie Hottes from Hottes Hair, forecasts a surge in fresh blondes come the New Year … “just what the doctor ordered and the ultimate refresh button on 2020.” Inspired by Australia’s quintessential influencers and their short, textured looks (as though dipped in the ocean and finished with just the right hit of glam), consumers are craving this travel-centric style and a holiday from themselves. Jamie suggests working with a natural, fine slice (1cm apart) – leaving some natural to work with – and a big face-defining pop of back-to-back foils around the hairline. The most important part? Freehand those ends for amplified brightness, followed by a balayage toner. Nail the look with Jamie’s personal Lakmé formula: Full head of fine slice foils using K.blonde + 30vol (ends 1.9% if needed). Freehand K.blonde + 1.9% + Olaplex rinse, then balayage tone at the basin using gloss 5 + 1.9% ends 10.22 + 1.9% then Olaplex No. 1 + No. 2.

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Telleish Hair Studio’s Chantelle Cowcher is readying for rich copper riot with 2021’s push for more natural coppers and reds. “People are no longer covering up reds, coppers and warmth … these tones are the new ice blonde,” Chantelle laughs. Word of warning: “Understanding the hair’s heat bands and underlying tones is a huge advantage … we achieve our coppers with a global application (45-minute process).” Don’t overthink these rich colour statements and use a light hand on the bleach. “Simply break down each section from roots to mid-lengths and ends, and formulate accordingly. We always work with two-to-three formulas,” says Chantelle. Suitable to a broad range of men and women, Chantelle’s favourite pairing is a pale complexion and natural red … in particular a complimenting colour choice for women over 50, bright and experimental for a lift in look and confidence. For Chantelle, these vibrant, more high maintenance colour results are simply not achievable without the power of Lakmé Collage Red Motion, “this range is unbelievable for lifting through colour (so no bleach!) which really keeps the canvas in premium health.” Last but not least, Lakmé Teknia Saffron Copper Color Refresh Shampoo for a fashion colour that keeps on giving.

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Tegan Munro of Moosh Hair Studio is backing the ongoing balayage brigade into 2021 and beyond.2020 has been a strange year, but balayage has somewhat assisted clients in feeling beautiful even when their stylist is out of reach.” As we all work harder and faster to make up for lost moments in 2020, time will be our most precious commodity in 2021, so a colour look that grows out slowly and softly will be, according to Tegan the top choice. Try stitched face framing, feathered foils and shadowed dimension … “for a seamless face frame we finely ‘stitch’ our foils in a bricking weave about three-deep,” says Tegan. When painting lightness through the interior, the team weave sections and feather softly (in an up and down motion) with a little lightener on the brush to blur any lines. Just a few of many tricks up the Moosh Hair Studio sleeve. A word of advice, never over-process the hair … and paint with purpose. “If you can see a line, it will develop as a line! We do not always like to rely on our toner to blend balayage, so avoid thick, chunky lightener.” Tegan recommends Lakmé’s Teknia range – Organic Balance – for best possible results. The benefits? A silky, lightweight finish that hydrates and repairs the hair’s natural health, best supported by the Lakmé Organic Balance Regime and Teknia White Silver Shampoo in-between salon visits.

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Annette Carter from The Do predicts a pastel revival as clientele lean toward more low key lifestyles (i.e.: lockdown friendly applications). “Pastels allow clients to express themselves minus the upkeep of bold colour work,” says Annette. For more solid, uniform results The Do team generally work with on-scalp bleaching, adopting a sectional ‘colour and rinse’ process (senior stylists only) to avoid over-processing. “Our stylists also champion root melts for more low-maintenance clients seeking that lived-in, modern-grunge effect.” Suitable to men and women, youthful and mature, The Do encourage complete freedom of expression in all clientele – if you like it, rock it. “We encourage gender diversity and love when our clients come to us with cool concepts that challenge and inspire the team. We do find some of our male clients lean toward a slightly bolder reflect when choosing their pastels but that being said, this trend is really open to anyone who wants an eccentric colour without the upkeep. The colour direction can be as low or high maintenance as the client likes, and is heavily dependent on home care commitment, of course. For this, Annette prescribes the Lakmé Teknia Colour Refresh range, the pigmentation punch that doesn’t morph in-salon colour, and ultimate amplification for an all-Lakmé formula. “Lakmé Chroma and Lakmé Gloss allow us to work creatively and with flexibility in order to create any look our clients desire. Lakmé Chroma is consistent in delivering high pigmentation, and when paired with Lakmé Gloss, the colour is executed perfectly with added longevity and shine for a show stopping result.” Where do we sign?

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Rachel Hannah of Halo Hair and Beauty believes in the power of multi-dimensional brunettes in 2021. “Brunettes with interest will be the popular shift from over lightened hair come the New Year,” says Rachel, “beautiful, colour within colour.” For this gorgeous sunkissed glow, equally boss as laidback beach babe, Rachel recommends a colour melt from roots to ends and steering clear of tones that throw too much contrast. “This look is suited to blondes wanting something a little fun and different, especially suitable to women (as opposed to their male counterparts).” Low maintenance and a true chameleon, the multi-dimensional brunette evolves with time – a living colour experience you won’t regret. “We recommend using Lakmé Colour Gloss for a dynamic dimensional look, and Lakmé Color Stay Shampoo and Conditioner to keep the vibes alive.”

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