The Institute of Beauty and Wellness – Milwaukee

After six months of prep and planning, Melvin Royce Lane, Vic Piccolotto and I (Tracey Hughes), finally arrived in the US to headline America’s Beauty Show (ABS). After an exhausting amount of travel, we reached Milwaukee to conduct a look and learn seminar at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness.

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With a fresh, early start, we began our presentation at 9:00am – a three-hour seminar whereby Melvin and I demonstrated two haircuts, one colour and one editorial styling look. The seminar was packed – the room filled with over 100 attendees. The objective of this presentation was to inspire and motivate young students to be the best they can be. Both Melvin and I shared our personal journeys, and discussed all the different avenues and opportunities our industry offers.

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The second half of the day consisted of an intimate hands on workshop with the beauty schools top 10 students. These students were given the opportunity to work on live models, focusing on looks to suit individual style, face shape, bone structure and skin pallor. The students were very enthusiastic embracing our education ethos and the knowledge we could share with them.

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We finished at 5:00pm, before a three-hour drive from Milwaukee to Chicago, where we will be based for the next six days. Overall, it was a fantastic way to start our crazy week!

Stay tuned for our daily diary inputs with action shots and images of the finished models, as we plan for an exciting show at ABS.

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Visit tomorrow for the action of Day 2!