It seems as though, every lockdown, there’s a cut that takes over our timelines. This winter is no different, with the classic Japanese Hime Cut popping up all over TikTok and Instagram.

According to hair historian Rachael Gibson, the Hime cut was favoured by the upper elite of Japanese hierarchy many centuries ago and born from the coming-of-age ceremony Binsogi, in which the shorter front would be cut in as a ceremonial practice. The end result? What is now known as the Hime cut.

“The Hime, or princess cut, is named for the noblewomen who would have originally worn the style and was popularized during the Heian period of Japanese history, 794 to 1185,” Rachael explained to W Magazine in an interview earlier this year.

Combining two lengths – longer at the back with blunt, shorter sections at the front – one can almost view this style as a blunter, geometric alternative to the mullet. We’ve gathered some of our favourite examples off the ‘gram and gathered them below for your inspiration, from the more subtle takes to those unafraid to pack a massive punch with their Hime cut… What’s your pick of the pack?