Australian hair tech start-up, TheHair.App, has recently secured a lucrative five-year partnership deal with Canada’s leading professional haircare distributor, Modern Beauty – a joininf of forces that will see TheHair.App’s innovative technology combine with Modern Beauty’s backend systems, revolutionizing the hairdressing industry and expanding TheHair.App’s reach to even greater lengths worldwide.

Designed to streamline the process for hairdressers, the app enables them to personalize and recommend retail products to their clients. These recommendations can then be directly converted into sales, alongside other organizational features. Through this partnership, the app will now reach a vast network of 200,000 independent operators and 35,000 salons within the Modern Beauty community. This means that the technology will be accessible to a wide range of professionals across Canada, catering to their unique needs.

TheHair.App’s integration with Modern Beauty allows hairdressers to seamlessly integrate retail sales into their services. With the support of Modern Beauty’s distribution capabilities, clients have the option to conveniently pick up recommended products from the salon or opt for home delivery. This efficient fulfillment process ensures that clients receive their desired haircare products without any hassle.

Richard Kavanagh, the esteemed hairdressing pioneer and CEO of TheHair.App, expressed his excitement about expanding into the Canadian market. He highlighted how this expansion will empower salons and independent stylists by enabling them to offer retail products to their clients without the burden of stocking inventory. TheHair.App aims to enhance the overall salon experience by integrating with salon software, providing appointment reminders, and even allowing clients to submit their hair requirements before their visit. The app’s AI technology scans the client’s hair, analyzes its type, texture, and condition, and recommends suitable products from the salon professional’s preferred range.

Beyond the convenience it brings to hairdressers and their clients, TheHair.App also offers an attractive financial opportunity. By eliminating the need for salons to invest in retail stock, the app allows hairdressers to focus on their expertise while earning commissions from automated sales. This innovative approach not only enhances the earning potential for hairdressers but also improves the consultation process, seamlessly converting expertise into retail sales.

Since its launch in February 2023, TheHair.App has been making waves in the Australian salon industry, garnering rave reviews and experiencing exponential growth. With over 1,000 Australian subscribers, the app has proven to be a valuable tool for salons, enhancing their services, saving time, and improving communication and confidence between hairdressers and clients.

The partnership between TheHair.App and Modern Beauty not only expands the app’s international presence but also paves the way for a more streamlined and technologically advanced hairdressing industry. With its focus on personalization, convenience, and financial benefits, TheHair.App is set to reshape the way hairdressers and clients engage, making it the ultimate consultation and retail tool for the modern salon.