Sharon Blain, the renowned hairstylist and queen of styling, has finally unveiled her long-awaited book, The Confident Stylist. With a career spanning over 55 years and a collection of over 500 international awards, Blain has established herself as an icon and a global sensation in the world of hair.

The Confident Stylist is a comprehensive styling bible that encapsulates Blain’s vast knowledge, skill, grit, determination, and passion. A must-have for hairdressers who strive for extraordinary results, Blain’s book is designed to be carried wherever and whenever they style hair, serving as a constant companion for those aspiring to be the shining stars of their salons or those with a burning passion for bridal, red carpet, editorial, and avant-garde work.

This 228-page book is no ordinary guide, offering a visual feast for the readers as Blain covers every fundamental topic, from unraveling the foundations of styling to demystifying the impact of face, body, and hair characteristics. She also delves into the world of tools, products, curls, blow-dries, waves, thermal setting, and the influence of fashion and history on hair today. Additionally, she shares her secrets, magic hacks, and step-by-step techniques, providing hairdressers with the ultimate path to creative inspiration.

Reflecting on her journey, Blain expresses her desire to share her wealth of knowledge and leave a lasting legacy for future stylists. The Confident Stylist is her way of ensuring that her expertise continues to inspire and empower aspiring stylists around the world.

“It’s been a crazy spectacular ride, and after more than 55 Years in the Industry, I’m finally ready to share a book so special, it’s been 5 decades in the making,” says Sharon. My hairstyling journey has taken me down many roads filled with twists and turns, great moments, challenging moments, incredibly inspiring moments – but most of all I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge I’m so humbled to share with you.

The next phase of my journey is ensuring my legacy lives on in the hearts and minds of future stylists. I hope it’s a book you’ll keep and cherish forever, referring back to it time and time again as you grow your skills into the CONFIDENT STYLIST I wish for you to be.”

To elevate every hairstyle, master every trick, and deliver breathtaking finishes, hairstylists can now delve into the world of The Confident Stylist by Sharon Blain. The book is available in both paperback and ebook versions at most online book sellers. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire this invaluable resource and embark on a journey of growth and confidence in the art of hairstyling.

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