The Open Mic’s Final Tour For 2015!

Brad Ngata

After a hugely successful year to date, The Open Mic is wrapping up 2015 with three consecutive events in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne!

In the true spirit of community education, this year has seen The Open Mic kick off a rolling education opportunity for the hairdressing community. Along with providing the free reign on creativity and the opportunity to dig a little deeper into the lives of the presenters, the idea behind The Open Mic is to provide accessible education to those salons who believe fuelling the think tank is the way to best performance.

Setting the benchmark for a new era in education, The Open Mic is for those of the collaborative kind. No fancy add-ons, just simple sharing of ideas. Cutting back to the raw essence of inspiration. Through storytelling, passion and energy, The Open Mic provides hairdressers, salon owners and teams with an abundance of tenacious talent, inspiring content and creative exploration.

Hosted by the man behind the ideation, Mr Gary Latham, The Open Mic provides a warm, welcoming environment for all lovers of hair to gather as a community to share, learn and have a few laughs with one another as well as including an ‘on the couch’ segment for any inquiring questions for the evening’s presenters.

With the addition of a Canberra event guaranteed to raise the bar once again in local, community education, there is no slowing down for The Open Mic team as they set off to individually provide each audience of their upcoming events with their own unique, deeply insightful, inspiring and exploratory experience on the night.


Sydney – October 26th
Canberra – November 9th
Melbourne – November 23rd

For event details and to book online please visit:

Image: Brad Ngata and team Open Mic Night VII

– TJ