Kate Moss, among other things, she’s had a hairstyle or two. We reflect on 16 of the chameleon’s best hair moments, what’s your favourite?

Wayward | A Vivienne Westwood classic, texture, height, delicacy, madness – this is everything

Baby Brunette | Captured in 1992 by Ellen von Unwerth, nothing says innocence like a mousy brown … how things changed.

Eighties Chav Kate | So bad, it’s in fashion again.

Kate Cropped | Shot by Mario Testino in 2001 for British VOGUE, Kate’s perfect bone structure shine’s in this textured crop.

Then there was the straighter, cleaner version, which was then followed by a dance with the dark side.

Imperfect Pink | Not Kate’s finest moment in love, but this tainted bubblegum pink is up there

Gothic Flower Child | Wednesday Adams meets Stevie Nicks. Kate pulls it off, naturally.

Purple Pony | Chanel Spring 1994 Ready to Wear. Welcome back.

Vivienne Volume | Good luck to the hair director at her next show.

Wild and Free | Not that Mossy needs any encouragement. Captured by Richard Avedon.

Loopy | John Paul (Gaultier) had a thing for African inspired texture in 1994.

The Chop | Alan White brought it back for Emma Mulholland a few years ago, the choppy wig hastily fastened for free-willed fashion appeal.

Party Curls | Those ringlets, no doubt headed for a riot.

Pretty in Punk | The Nineties really did have it all.

Cleopatra Kate | The Queen Lives.

Dancing Daisy | These delicate petals perfectly disguise the party within.

The Bombshell | The fiercest femme. Boys Beware.