On Monday 25th September, the innovators at Piloroo joined forces with Excellent Edges to showcase a diversity of talent in a unique environment. Held at Glebe’s Toxteh Hotel, the event invited guests to observe a selection of Piloroo’s key educators at work, in a relaxed, social setting.

“We face the same challenges that every salon faces at the moment, and that is, where to find the right apprentices, stylists and colourists – and how to train our educators” began MC for the evening Clive Allwright; “The idea of tonight, is to show you what Piloroo can do, and how you can gain access to revolutions in thinking and education.”

Piloroo artists Kobi Bokshish (Intershape), James Akers (People Hairdressing), Dave Edwards (Stevie English) Kelly Grant (Our Place Salon), Jake Putan (Mister Chop Shop), and Steve English went on to demonstrate their skillset to the 100+ guests in attendance, affording attendees an up-close-and-personal glimpse into their process.

The evening’s key message? A mutual support of both parties – from salon to educator – through an immensely usable format.

“Piloroo removes the negotiation and invoicing issues that every educator faces” Clive continued; “I can now highlight my availability to the industry, share my rates in a transparent way that removes the haggling and negotiations and get paid when the job is done. I don’t have to spend weeks or months chasing the money. All with just a couple of clicks on the site.”

Introducing the site’s new ‘Hire an Assistant’ function, Co-Founder Kelly Grant went on to assert the feature’s value; “Not all salons require an apprentice, but having someone on hand to tidy up, shampoo and take off a colour really eases the pressure for a stylist on busy day. Using Piloroo you can book a salon assistant for a day or an evening and ensure your day will run smoothly”.

At present, Piloroo hosts over 100 educators from around Australia, and are currently offering a $100 booking bonus to educators, stylists or assistants who are booked for a value of $400+. *Available for the next 100 bookings – get in quick!