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With ongoing client connection and in-salon sales two key areas of ongoing focus for salon owners and staff alike, the announcements of new tech and associated tools designed to simplify these matters is always exciting news to report. Not content with pushing the existing boundaries of tech within hairdressing, hair tech trailblazers at PIIQ have officially launched TheHair.APP – the eagerly anticipated AI-powered consultation & haircare recommendation app for hairdressers, developed by the hair tech trailblazers at PIIQ, is officially available on both iOS and Android!

Across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, hairdressers are now able to create a free account in order to utilise a wide range of features and unlock full client management services, as well as reporting features, under a paid plan. The AI-powered app works on any device, unlocking a new level of freedom with widespread and easy access now available to users. 

“We’re thrilled to offer this innovative solution to hairdressers and to run digital brand activation programs with leading hair care brands,” co-founder and CEO Richard Kavanagh explains of the launch. “We believe that this app will not only make it easier for hairdressers to connect and create with their clients but also improve the client’s overall experience removing anxieties around a new look early in the customer journey.”

Through TheHair.App, hairdressers and hair care brands are now given a modern platform to connect and engage with their clients, whilst selling increased amounts of hair care and treatments. By offering a dynamic and cutting-edge software system, the app allows for the clients hair type and face shape to be scanned and assessed, providing the perfect match for hair treatments and recommendations for healthier hair and fresh styles.

As well as providing more engaging and precise customer consultations, TheHair.App also tracks clients progress over time, and records necessary updates for treatment. The app also allows for customers to keep track of upcoming appointments, with a “prep your visit” feature, enabling hairdressers to provide a personalised link, so that customers can create mood boards and receive their hair assessment ahead of time, all from the comfort of their own home. 

Harnessing tech to increase in-salon sales and connect with our clients? Consider us sold! Try it, here