King of future-proof colour and industry icon Jaye Edwards has announced his appointment as O&M International Ambassador in 2023, with all nine 9 EdwardsAndCo spaces also transitioning to O&M salons. 

“I’m excited to announce that I’ll be partnering with O&M in 2023 as one of their International Ambassadors” says Jaye of the exciting new union. “This partnership will allow me to take the next step in my career, working with O&M’s clean colour and kind haircare.

“O&M will support me in 2023 as part of an international education tour across the US and Europe, collabing with some of the world’s leading colourists.”

Equally thrilled with this perfect partnership between talent and brand is O&M, who are excited to support Jaye in his future endeavours as International Ambassador. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Jaye and EdwardsAndCo,” says O&M Founder and Owner, Jose Bryce Smith. “Jaye’s unique view on the industry, ability to scale his salons that has given rise to new teams and a cult following. We have watched Jaye pioneer the independent education movement and feel that the global growth of O&M and clean hair colour becoming the norm, there are lots of synergies with our journeys and we are excited to see how Jaye will educate using O&M around the world.”

A massive congratulations to Jaye Edwards and O&M on what we are sure is going to be the start of a beautiful union! 

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