Straight Up: ghd Partners with Victoria Beckham for NYFW

At the Victoria Beckham show in New York, iconic hair styling brand ghd partnered with fashion designer Victoria Beckham and international session stylist Guido Palau to create the hair look for the spring/summer 2017 show.

“Studying a collection with a designer like Victoria and deciding how to style the hair is an intuitive and instinctive process. This time a glossy, sleek and luxurious look felt right. We wanted something totally minimal and modern” – Guido Palau.

Guido first applied a primer and heat protector, before using a ghd bristle brush and the ghd air hairdryer to blow-dry freshly washed model hair into a straight and silky form.

After adding a graphic centre parting, rogue fly aways were quickly dismissed as the ghd platinum styler glided through hair, giving a super sleek, glossy finish.

“This hair is at once polished and rich, but also simple and chic” – Guido Palau.

Get the #ghdXvb look:

1. Apply a primer and heat protectant to clean, damp hair.

2. Create a centre parting and blow dry hair using the ghd natural bristle radial brush size 2 ($32.00) and the ghd air professional hairdryer ($200.00) for a smooth finish.

3. Finally, glide the ghd platinum styler ($315.00) over hair from root to tip to eliminate fly aways and give a glossy, super straight finish.

– TJ