Not sure if it’s a strange product once I applied five bottles of oil to a girl’s hair to create true grease texture.

Ben Russel, Australian FAME Team, 2018

Recently touring London, Paris and Rome, our 2018 Australian FAME Team have sure proved their creative prowess (with one member personally invited to assist Seminara himself!). They’re young, hungry and thriving in a zeitgeist driven by freedom, fearlessness and ‘what’s next.’ We get inside the kits of next-gen geniuses Ben Russel, Elizabeth Shedwick, Shantelle Neate and Tiffany Decaux.

TJ: What does your kit say about you as a hairdresser/artist?

BR: My kit contains the tools required to support my love of beautiful, sharp haircuts. It would suggest an artist who enjoys using strong techniques to bring out the natural texture in hair.

ES: My kit is very clean, concise and simple. I like to use a few tools but mainly my hands and focus on simplistic polished, beautiful hair. No fuss or over complicated stuff.

SN: That green is my favourite colour (haha) and that I’m a lady of simple taste. My kit is pretty ‘classic’ although I do have a lot of scissors. Maybe it says I’m a scissor addict …

TD: That I have pretty much everything to get me through a long hair day.

TJ: Strangest thing in your kit?

BR: I keep a very minimal kit… I’m probably the strangest thing about my kit!

ES: A toothbrush! They are excellent for grooming those baby hairs in the hairline.

SN: My skull pocket comb, it’s made from metal – great for slick-backs plus it looks rad.

TD: My sewing kit, because you never know when you might need one! I have fixed a few outfits and lost buttons along the way.

TJ: Absolute can’t kit without products?

BR: evo Haze for sure! It’s also rare I go a day without using BIBA Sea Salt Spay both on my clients and own hair.

ES: evo Root Canal, Mister Fantastic and Love Touch. You can take a girl out of the north of England, but you can’t deprive her of a bouncy blow-dry haha. Root lift and a touchable shine is what I’m about!

SN: La Biosthetique Dream Cream Lightener!

TD: evo Builders Paradise, and because you can never have enough hair, I’d also say some Great Lengths.

TJ: Strangest thing you’ve applied to hair?

BR: Not sure if it’s a strange product once I applied five bottles of oil to a girl’s hair to create true grease texture.

ES: Canola oil. It’s amazing for wet looks without the stiff or sticky finish.

SN: Epsom salts with the FAME team. Tiffany is a genius with crafty ideas and figured out how to create crystallised hair using Epsom salts. Genius!

TD: I’ve tested and applied a lot of things to hair, but the strangest would have to be food colouring.

TJ: A hairdresser’s kit isn’t a kit without…

BR: A kit is the foundation behind a hairdresser…. you can’t cheat yourself and your clients with cheap equipment. My favourite brands are 100% evo, Y.S. Park, and Mizutani. Quality over quantity is my opinion.

ES: A dressing out brush (boar bristle brush).

SN: Great sectioning clips (ugh) I own probably 100 of them. They hang off my clothes wherever I go. A neat clean section all tucked away, clipped perfectly, it’s like hair porn.

TD: A hairdresser to carry that heavy bag around (haha)!

TJ: The most recent addition to your kit?

BR: Being a member of the Australian Fame Team I have received so many goodies recently from Cloud Nine, evo, La Biosthetique…

ES: A baby Y.S. Park comb – it makes braiding a dream. I would be distraught if I lost it!

SN: My ELEVEN Australia styling brush- it’s the newest addition to the ELEVEN brand and it’s my latest can’t live without item.

TD: New clips – I can’t go very far without them.