In an age obsessed with individuality, KMS STYLECOLOR inspires to express our inner energy via temporary hair colour that rocks.

Inspired by the creative melting pot that is Toronto, Canada, KMS STYLECOLOR echoes the bursting colour and culture scene with nine flexible sprays designed to boost style, curate colour and bring on the good times. From Frosted Brown to Dusky Blonde and matte metallic Iced Concrete, the workable palette caters for blonde to brunette and all tones in-between. KMS technology used ensures the product is waterproof and pillow friendly* and can only be washed out with shampoo. That’s right! The KMS style geniuses have created an on-off spray product that allows the user to wear their hair colour like they do their wardrobe, a different version … every day! The flexibility to be free, we’ll sign to that.

The wear and wash flexibility of the KMS STYLECOLOR range is the perfect accompaniment to the KMS brand ethos placing style first. Dual-purpose formulas are based on a cutting edge polymer complex blended with pigments to evenly adhere to the hair’s surface. An ultra-thin film settles for a moveable finish capable to define shape, reflect light and profile personality with a three-day hold guarantee.

Powered by the professional, KMS STYLECOLOR can be used in the chair for contrasts, highlights, root tinting or for the colour client looking to jump a shade lighter yet reluctant to commit.

Try it on for colour and see how it sits before taking the permanent plunge! The ultimate service boost-slash-revenue raiser, and an advocate for creative freedom from the salon to the street.

*Results may vary when used with oil-based products.


Bo’s Pink Look: KMS STYLECOLOR Vintage Blush used full-head to make a statement.

Bo’s Blonde Look: KMS STYLECOLOR Frosted Brown to darken rootsand Dusky Blonde for ends that feel just a little cooler.

Kieran’s Blonde Look: KMS STYLECOLOR Brushed Gold to add highlights and accentuate natural texture.

Kasia’s Purple Look: KMS STYLECOLOR Stone Wash Denim with a touch of Smoky Lilac through the ends and Frosted Brown to darken roots.