Launched in 2014, the Kérastase Scalp Clinic marks a comforting departure from the often times sterile realm of traditional clinic environments, offering clients a feasible supplement to their medical experience.


Enter Sinclair Dermatology; a trailblazing dermatological clinic that takes a holistic approach to client care; addressing and treating an array of skin, scalp and hair concerns in a relaxed, supportive and personable environment.

Elegantly nestled in East Melbourne, the clinic’s flagship site houses it’s own research laboratory, skin clinic, pharmacy and – perhaps most revolutionary of all – a specialised Hair Salon, established in partnership with luxury hair care brand Kérastase.

Under the auspice of leading hair loss expert Prof. Rodney Sinclair, Sinclair Dermatology are lauded as world leaders in the skincare and hair loss spheres. And rightfully so.

Having changed the lives of countless clients via expert diagnosis and specialised treatment plans, Prof. Sinclair has also conducted innumerable clinical trials, all of which have informed his local practice and continue to contribute to global diagnostic and treatment efforts at large.

He’s also penned hundreds of frequently cited research papers and has published extensive scholarly material on the subject, most of which may be readily accessed for both personal and scientific reference.

So, how are clients assessed for hair loss and/or accompanying skin and scalp conditions?

Hair loss extent and scalp surface area is first examined using the the Vectra 3D Skin Imaging system, an integrated software/machine sequence that utilises countless minuscule cameras to capture skin surface.

Surface DHT levels (or dihydrotestosterone; a hormone known to play a substantial role in the reduction of hair follicles), micro lesions and skin pigmentations are observed and documented before which clients are referred to Dr. Sinclair for a personalised consultation.

Clients are subsequently assessed in accordance with Sinclair’s visual Shedding Scale (clients are required to select a strand clump that best matches their daily shed quantity) to determine their current hair loss phase.

Moreover, Male Pattern Hair Loss is gauged via the standardised Hamilton Norwood Scale; a classification system that measures the extent of thinning/balding in a series of seven stages.

Prof. Sinclair next provides each client with a specialised prevention and/or treatment plan to address their respective case.

Treatments range from topical and/or oral Minodoxil, prescription Finasteride and select vitamins to the use of laser caps, surgical hair transplants and scalp micropigmentation.

While some experience measured results upon prolonged use of one treatment, most clients benefit from a combination of treatment methods.

Following medical diagnosis, clients are subsequently ushered through to Sinclair Dermatology’s in-house Hair Salon.

Launched in 2014, the Kérastase Scalp Clinic marks a comforting departure from the oft sterile realm of traditional clinic environments, offering clients a feasible supplement to their medical experience.

Helmed by hairdresser Kaye Fitzgerald – yet another comforting force – the space appears akin to most boutique salons (albeit slightly smaller), though amidst it’s clean innards and modern furnishings, this clinic boasts more than one profound drawcard.

Hairdressing staff not only cut and style clients’ hair; each are additionally equipped with specialised knowledge regarding ongoing treatment, maintenance and camouflage of varying degrees of hair loss.

Whether prescribing suitable extensions, hair pieces, camouflage fibres or styles to suit a spectrum of hair types and/or thickness levels, Kaye and the team have a custom technique to suit each and every client.

Working in conjunction with Prof. Sinclair, Kaye also administers and prescribes a bespoke Kérastase care program to augment clients’ clinical and styling experiences.

Kérastase’s dedicated Densifique ritual (which includes the Bain, Fondante and Masque densité as well as the Densimorphose treatment mousse and Cure Densifique activator) is most commonly prescribed to clients as it is suitable for all hair types.

Using the Kérastase-designed active ingredient Stemoxydine, products in the Densifique range work to stimulate dormant stem cells in hair follicles, reviving cell environment and encouraging regeneration.

The range also combines a unique Glycan Complex (glycans are naturally occurring compounds that are essential for stem cell connection) with texturising polymers for improved hair strength, vitality density and thickness.

A culmination of years’ worth of hair and scalp centric research, Kérastase’s famed Spécifique range was conceived to address a number of scalp-related issues including sensitivity, itchiness, dandruff oily roots.

The Spécifique portfolio includes a triad of personalised Cure vials as well as five specialised shampoos, a daily anti-hairloss spray and ahydrating cream gel mask treatment. (Click here to learn more about Kérastase’s product range).

Once clients have been matched with their respective product regime, they are encouraged to continue application and treatment for up to 6 months before assessing efficacy.

Though hair loss is considered a normal component of ageing, premature shedding, thinning and balding are widespread afflictions common to both men and women like.

While in the process of destigmatisation, such experiences may significantly diminish sufferers’ confidence and quality of life.

Hope is, however, at hand.

Now more than ever such institutions as Sinclair Dermatology and the Kérastase Scalp Clinic remain catalysts for groundbreaking research, client diagnosis, prevention, care and treatment.

Above all Sinclair Dermatology endures as a beacon of hope; a respite for those in the throes of a seemingly helpless battle; a welcome solution for clients at varying points in the hair loss journey.

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