As a Major Partner of the Australian Hair Industry Awards, colour icon Revlon Professional rose to the occasion with an explosion of boundary pushing shape, texture and tenacity as led by legend and National Artistic Ambassador, Uros Mikic.

Anchored on the theme, The Greatest Show on Earth, the concept leaned heavily on iconic circus characters, accentuating each personality with considered colour and styling work that left guests teetering on the edge of their seat.

“We worked quite closely with So You Think You Can Dance choreographer, Adam Williams in manifesting five hero characters; really accentuating their role at the circus with acrobatic movement that merged into the hair,” starts Uros.

Harking back to the 1920s traditional circus scene, characters included a lion, zebra, two clowns and our favourite, the bearded lady.

Of course, the lion owned her spotlight with unapologetically luscious volume and wild texture … “It was a little bit of Game of Thrones too, that old fashioned King of the Jungle feel,” said Uros.

The zebra profiled the strength of Revlon Professional colour with stark hits of black and white throughout, a product message that continued into two clown personas all about playful palettes for max personality.

“We had one clown with a rounder, more traditional shape and the second showcased a modern interpretation with crazy curls for a more ‘cool kid’ finish,” said Uros.

“They each carried a brilliant contrast of colour from purple to blue and platinum white … an epic showcase of the strength of Revlon Professional colour in a more creative context.”

Lastly, the bearded lady.

“She took on this kind of weird, creepy persona, emerging from the darkness with a powerful voice. Her look featured a bold showcase of pastel colours which moved into her beard … the finish was more ‘set,’ really underscoring the 1920s era from which the show was built.”

And out of the circus ring and into the salon – what colour requests can we expect to hear more of in the coming months?

A hugely diverse show in terms of texture, colour and shape, and one impossible without the support of a truly considered styling range built on the needs of visionary hair artists.

“Revlon Professional is the ultimate product partner … we could not have pulled this off without the flexibility, hold and prep strength of the line with a particular shoutout to the Style Masters range,” said Uros.

“It’s comprehensive, not too big, and truly caters to the hair needs of every human being.”

The MVP was Uniq One with Uros referring to the product as a ‘miracle.’

“I use it in-salon and on set all the time. Its benefits are truly unlimited. It repairs, de-frizzes, builds body, sends shine, provides heat protection and the list goes on … at the show it was used to prime and sustain condition before layering product.”

“I love cocktailing product as it allows me to truly express myself with unique texture and shape, ultimately pushing myself as an artist.”

Lucky then, that Revlon Professional products are all about that brushable, flexible texture allowing the artist to layer and build as they please.

And out of the circus ring and into the salon – what colour requests can we expect to hear more of in the coming months?

“We’re finding people are genuinely looking for change, and it’s interesting as we haven’t had that ongoing directive from global fashion weeks’, so the clients are really pushing the directive with a desire for something fresh and new,” he says.

“Of course, with winter settled in we’re welcoming a surge in biscuity, caramel and cappuccino tones … food seems to be influencing a lot of the colour language in-salon and the clients are all about it, they get excited about it.”

So how does Revlon Professional stand up in this rich side of the colour wheel?

“Revlon Professional is a true leader in the brunette/brown category … they can present warmer than other brands but not in a bad way, in the best way. Their chestnuts, burgundies and chocolates are honestly second to none.”

So, there you have it, from hair show to everyday salon life, Revlon Professional is the way forward.


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