Rethink the Way You Mix with the Latest in Salon Tech: The Ping

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Distributed by leading Australian haircare company, Ozdare, The Ping is set to reshape the way you mix colour. Dedicated to creating products that make a difference, Ecoheads developed The Ping.

“I love the health benefits The Ping provides.When preparing hair colour, most of the excess fumes are released at the mixing stage,The Ping allows you to mix with confidence ensuring fumes are kept within the mixer,” explains Ecoheads Managing Director, Benny Risher.

When it comes to colour, a consistent mix is key. Mixing by hand can result in consitency changing from one mix to the next. The first of its kind, The Ping perfectly bonds colours and tints with peroxide every time.

Overmixing causes oxidisation that leads to diluted colour strength.To ensure colour is not overmixed, the detatchable paddle has been carefully designed to gently stir tints, bleaches and more.This innovative design allows The Ping to create better, noticeably creamier mixes in less time than hand-mixed colours.

Not only does The Ping provide better results but its unique design can also provide more coverage with less product. By lightly aerating mixes, The Ping is set to make your tints, bleaches and colour mixes go further than before. Its detachable blades design makes cleaning fast and simple too.

– TJ