Launched in March this year, Rendezvous Avec L’Oréal Pro has continued to spread the love through knowledge (and as we know, power) with the stories and successes of their world class team of artists and savvy business owners. 

The concept was created as an education piece to really push and inspire our next generation of hairdressers to visualise their potential from both a creative and business perspective, and continues here with L’Oréal Pros, Elyse Sprott (Rixon Hair), Matt Clements (Assembly), Tiffany Decaux (Borris The Cuttery) and Mel Gesualdo (Renos Haircare). Go inside the clients, colour and technology of these iconic induxstry heads.

TJ: Tell us a bit about your salon – location, style, expertise, demographic, etc.

ES: Rixon Hair can be found nestled above the busy streets of Brisbane CBD we are neighbours to some very high-end brands including Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Our space has a cool relaxed energy with our team specialising is all things hair, you will see lots of blondes leaving and cool, chic haircuts. Our clientele changes hourly. Being city based we look after young creative types, businesspeople, out of towners, and our loyal following from when we founded RH back in 2000.

TC: I work in Adelaide at Boris the Cuttery, Norwood. It’s a gorgeous area with tree lined streets and a mix of old and new shops. The salon’s owner/founder Damien Rinaldo has owned the salon for over 20-years, which is an incredible achievement! We’re a modern salon, and as such welcome rich diversity in guests.

MG: Reno’s on St Quentin is the boutique salon to the Reno’s Hair Care group. Located in the chic Claremont fashion precinct in West Perth, it has become a busy hub for both women and men. We create everything from more classic looks, to the currently trending and more edgy, street styles. We are icons of the lived-in blow dry, a service that has our devoted clients coming in weekly. What we love is creating real hair for real people.

MC: The Assembly was opened in 2006 by myself and my wife, Kristin O’Connor who is an incredible talent with the scissors. Our careers have always been city based, and following a 4-year Europe stint, we chose to relocate home and open a city salon at the beach (Sunshine Coast). Our lifestyles have always been heavily surf influenced and rely on this time with the ocean to kick start every day.

The Assembly literally means: a group or gathering of like-minded people gathered together for a common goal.

For both team members and guests, we wanted to have a shared experience, one of quality and progression – a place where art, music, fashion, and lifestyle become one.  We have a mixed client base of professionals, people seeking sophistication as well as anyone wanting to explore their edge – being an individual.

 TJ: Why did you partner with L’Oréal Professionnel?

ES: We partnered with L’Oréal when RH was founded back in 2000. We choose the brand as it was and still is the leading colour house in the world.

TC: I partnered with L’Oréal Professionnel because my last name is French … no, just joking! Because they cover everything I need from a brand. Their efforts in the clean products and packaging space make me proud to work with the company.

MG: Our family salons have been using L’Oréal Professionnel for over 25 years so you could say the brand is in my DNA. Being affiliated with a global brand that offers the best care and innovation in support of hairdressers is incredibly important as both an artist and salon owner. To create beautiful hair, you need great products.

MC: After many successful years with the same company, the time had come to expand – to breathe some new air into the business and the team. It was time to take a new direction and add some discomfort if you like. I had been judging L’Oréal Colour Trophy as a non-LP member and was subsequently exposed to how they value people and business. Coming onboard with LP felt very natural and we were welcomed with open arms … it felt fresh yet nicely familiar.

TJ: How does L’Oréal Professionnel support your salon?

ES: We receive support in education, business growth, plus the stability of knowing the company for such a long time.

MG: As a salon we receive constant and reliable support from our L’Oréal family. Frequent salon visits from brand technicians and sales reps feels like the arrival of another team member. Not only do they offer hands on help in-salon, product knowledge and one-on-one training with new staff members, but the support extends to social media and business growth strategies tailored specifically to our salon.

MC: The support we receive is unparalleled. The brand covers just about everything you need from salon business development to individual and team growth, paired with expert product knowledge.

TJ: How does L’Oréal Professionnel help you in education, specifically through their Access program/education portal?

ES: The L’Oréal Access program keeps our team connected with the benefit of knowing exactly where our apprentices are at with their training, while keeping education readily available for them at any time. It shows a clear pathway for everyone, so there is always something to be excited about! It’s also great for seniors to keep up to speed with what education is happening around the world.

TC: L’Oréal is incredibly supportive when it comes to education. As an educator, L’Oréal goes above and beyond to make my experience easier. With the portal you can find every aspect of education so easy and efficiently.

MG: The new Access program allows our team and managers more flexibility when it comes to training. A 24-7 online portal means our team can access education when it’s suitable to them and the salon. Flexibility is key in keeping our teams educated, up to date and most importantly, happy. I don’t remember a time when hairdressers have been hungrier for education so it’s great that it’s so accessible.

MC: Every aspect of product use and development is accessed through the Education Portal. This is a one stop shop for growth, a must for achieving and reaching your goals. It absolutely backs up our solid in-house training methods.

TJ:How does the brand aid your salon technologically?

ES: L’Oréal is always one step ahead of the game. Clients are now so educated in hair thanks to TikTok, Instagram and so on, so the backing of L’Oréal technology ensures we’re at the forefront of  trends and the needs and expectations of our clients. It’s a colour that delivers. Every single time.

TC: L’Oréal is renown as a forward-thinking company with pioneering technological advancements not only in the product and colour space, but through software as it relates to salon management and education.

MG: As innovators in the beauty industry, L’Oréal Professionnel are continuously presenting technological advances in product and processes to really propel the skillset and in turn confidence of our stylists. This of course leads to a strong salon reputation and bigger business.

MC: L’Oréal Professionnel has advanced product systems from the front to the back of the salon which is incredibly important for us to maintaining modern business practices.

TJ:How is the new Metal Detox impacting your colour business?

ES: Metal Detox keeps my clients’ colour fresh, vibrant and true to tone for longer. The condition is beautiful allowing me to push further without compromising condition. It’s quick and easy so my clients can opt for a treatment even when they are time poor.

TC: Metal Detox is one of the most incredible products on the market right now, it’s so easy to use and the results are next to none. The best part is that the guest actually sees you use the product on their hair. This opens a 360-degree conversation about the product and its inevitable effects on their hair and salon service. The results from Metal Detox are game changing, especially when it comes to blondes or fragile hair.

MG: Metal detox is allowing the team to create colours that they previously lacked the time and in turn, the confidence to execute. This empowerment elevates our craft and passes through to clients with results that look and feel better, not to mention significant colour longevity.

MC: Metal Detox is certainly a game changer. If you demand bright, vibrant, and healthy colour results for your guests, look no further than the Metal Detox System. It looks after me while working within the L’Oréal Professionnel portfolio and our guests return with better, stronger hair that allows more freedom moving forward.

TJ: What do you love about Metal Detox?

ES: I love that I can breathe easy knowing my clients’ colour is being looked after in and out of the salon. Not only does it protect your hair while colouring but keeps it strong, hydrated, and healthy between appointments.

TC: What I love about Metal Detox is the forward-thinking aspect of the product, how easy it is to use and importantly, it’s time saving benefits. Plus, the results are incredible.

MG: I particularly love the simplicity of the product. Both colourists and clients alike love how straight forward the in-salon procedure and the take home care are. Their hair is visibly improved, feels incredible, and with no additional time required, it’s a winner all round!

MC: Metal Detox IS simple and effective to use for everyone, which helps in a busy environment. I love that clients are noticing the difference in things hairdressers often perceive as their concern only: strength and condition, the clarity and saturation in a colour. When your guests feel these things, you’ve immediately elevated their experience.

TJ: What business components, like salon management, salon training and leadership, are you helped by through L’Oréal Professionnel?

ES: Training and education is what we are passionate about at Rixon Hair, so being backed by an elaborate support system (through L’Oréal) helps to keep our team leaders in the industry.

TC: L’Oréal Professionnel has helped me grow through their annual educational conferences and also attending various learning events throughout the year. The continual opportunity to upskill and self-improve has helped my confidence across public speaking, communication with staff and salon guests.

MG: In more recent years L’Oréal has offered training in areas such as digital and social media support, business plans and strategies to encourage growth and help attract new staff members. This has been insightful and helpful in such a tricky time for businesses.

MC: For us personally, it’s having access to people that have real skills and knowledge and are determined to see you and your business succeed.

TJ: What are you looking forward to next with L’Oréal Professionnel?

ES: Face to face education! I love to be hands on while educating and getting to meet people all over Australia. I’m also excited about possibly seeing bonder inside more of the blonde studio range!

TC: L’Oréal always surprises me in the best way. I’m a creative so I’m always excited about new colours and styling products.

MG: The new digital education platforms are super exciting. The shift to a different way of educating has me feeling a little nervous but in the best way. L’Oréal Access is a game changer in this very fast changing industry. As much as I’m looking forward to getting back into facilitating face-to-face classes, I’m also very excited to get online and diversify the way we teach and learn. I’m also really loving the incredible changes and commitment the brand is making in the sustainability category.

MC: We’re always looking to develop a stronger brand relationship that in-turn will strengthen our business, this isn’t always about having new things but doing the stuff we know, better. L’Oréal Professionnel are very well placed in the global fashion and beauty market, and their forward-thinking delivery of what the professional actually needs is all part of our experience with the brand.

TJ: What does being part of the L’Oréal Professionnel family mean to you?

ES: It means having an incredibly talented group of people around you who push and inspire you – from our sales reps right through to fellow artists. It also means having the best product with the newest technology to support you.

TC: Being a part of the L’Oréal Professionnel family means so much to me. I feel I’m part of a special club of people that care and support each other support each other, and importantly, just have a good time!

MG: This fun, creative team of artists and mentors means so much more than just a business partnership. It’s the best time, the best memories, incredible career highlights and the lifelong friendships that we have formed that make this family so special to me.

MC: As a staunch individual who likes to create my own paths, I still love being part of something bigger – the L’Oréal Professionnel family is big, but I don’t have to compromise who I am or the direction The Assembly takes. This is so important in any successful relationship.

Continuing to share the love, L’Oréal Professionnel welcomes more salons and business owners to join the family and discover their PRO difference.

To find out how to work with L’Oréal Professionnel in your business visit www.lorealprofessionnel.com.au/contactus