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ALFAPARF GROUP don’t just manufacture products, they manufacture dreams. Here, we chat new levels of customization, efforts in sustainability and a new, crystal-inspired colour collection.

#ALFAPARFPEOPLE have always believed in dreaming big. It is written in their DNA … in fact it all started with a single ingredient known as Semi di Lino (Linseed). This humble seed sparked something in the brand’s founder Roberto Franchina way back in the Eighties and is now the cornerstone of one of the world’s few privately owned multi-national hair colour and care manufacturing companies.

The strength of the brand comes in its family-style culture and obsession with quality, tailored results – dynamic tools allowing hairdressers to elevate salon services and really drive the bottom line. Arguably one of the industry’s most customisable hair care lines, Semi di Lino offers a solution for every hair type courtesy of high performing actives targeting all perceivable problem areas. Hairdressers love to break the rules and this range begs to be intermixed for completely personalised care routines prescribed only by the professional. Further to this, the range is the ultimate canvas for the brand’s award-winning pigment portfolio. Colour refresh with your conditioner?


Alfaparf Milano’s most recent launch, Color Wear Gloss Toner is a vegan friendly addition to any salon back bar enabling colourists to indulge in the full circle blonding experience. Completely unique in its naturally derived and patented Arginine alkalizing agent, the blonding tone is free from ammonia, MEA, resorcinol and silicones – ticking every box needed for sensitive scalps and eco-conscious salon communities.

Community. The number one Italian salon brand worldwide, Alfaparf Milano boasts a direct human approach. It’s never just about products for this company, it’s people first, and supporting hair and beauty professionals is at the heart of all they do. This means getting into the field, communicating and listening to what YOU need from a salon partner. The privately owned culture allows a swift and flexible response to ever-evolving industry feedback and global trends, guaranteeing Alfaparf Milano salons the competitive advantage they seek. And of course, this means setting and attaining new industry goals in the sustainability sector.

Alfaparf Group’s commitment to social responsibility and global responsibility is undeniably apparent.  The brand has long been reducing CO2 emissions with the integration of recycled and recyclable materials (and ingredients) from renewable and certified sources at the heart of all innovations today.

In fact, the Alfaparf Group has been included among the 150 best Italian companies as a LEADER OF SUSTAINABILITY. The research was carried out by Statista for Il Sole 24 Ore and was based on the analysis of the sustainability reports published in 2020 – investigating three macro-areas: environmental, social and corporate governance. For each area 35 KPIs have been identified and on the basis of these only 150 of the 1200 companies analysed are present in the final list (published in Il Sole 24 Ore on April 29th.) With so much uncertainty, Alfaparf Milano is more determined than ever to evolve in order to protect beauty as a source of positive energy.


Enter the Dream Factory collection. A creative guide designed for stylists to learn and apply new techniques fluently while drawing upon and extending their existing skillset.

“The Dream Factory collection was born from a collaboration between Emanuele Vona, Creative Director of Mod Academy, and Cassie Siskovic, National Artistic Director of Alfaparf Milano in the United States. Tasked with the project mid-COVID, the pair worked together virtually to refine the Intuitive Face Frame technique. The application method allows technicians to frame clients’ features by colouring the frontmost strands of hair, thereby illuminating the face. This service can be adapted to any face shape, skin tone and hair texture, and allows everyone to revive their look with a boost of positivity and lightness,” explains Alfaparf Milano Australian Marketing Director, Jacqui Germanos.

The palette takes inspiration from the texture of natural crystals and profiles two new colour families: Crystal Rose and Crystal Brown. The Crystal Rose palette consists of two shades inspired by the soft pink tones of kunzite and amethyst gemstones – adaptable to all complexions and promising a fashionable touch. Crystal Brown includes three shades each evoking the wealth of natural pigments in Quartz, Aragonite and Topaz.



Sweet Dream: A more customised version than the classic balayage, adding radiance around the face and more depth to the overall look

Blurred Dream: Intuitive face frame uses a colour gradient that seamlessly blends from light to dark for a natural, high-impact result

Vivid Dream: The face is neatly outlined and stands out with prominence thanks to the combination of new shades. Strong contrasts frame the face and give character to varying lengths

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