PRODUCT: K18 release Damage Shield Protective Conditioner

When K18 releases a product, the world listens.

K18 Global Director of Global Sales and Education, Jordan Alexander recently flew from LA to Sydney to launch the brand’s latest gift for hair, the DAMAGE SHIELD protective conditioner.

Designed to answer the professionals desire for more ‘slip’ in the range, the solution arrives with a slew of benefits including rinse-out UV protection, reduced breakage, prevention of colour fade and an always-welcome protein boost.

THE JOURNAL caught up with Jordan post-event for the inside scoop on this timely new formula.

TJ: Tell us more about K18’s innovative new addition, the DAMAGE SHIELD protective conditioner?

JA: So, I know it’s strange for us to be bringing out a conditioner (given we’ve been telling you not to use a conditioner for such a long time), but at the end of the day, we could not ignore the resounding request for more ‘slip’ in the hair.

The new DAMAGE SHIELD conditioner that is going to give plenty of slip! We wanted to make it a universal product for all clients, so the formula is super lightweight and suitable for all hair types – including fine. The coolest feature is that, unlike most leave-in UV protectants, this you can rinse out, and it will continue to provide UV protection for up to 72-hours.

TJ: What gap is the conditioner filling?

JA: Not everyone is using the mask daily, but most are using a conditioner frequently, so we didn’t want to just provide a solution, we wanted to provide a solution with benefits. It’s perfect for daily use, or whenever you’re shampooing hair.

TJ: Who would you recommend the product to?

JA: The product is perfect for anyone living an Australian summer! Every single one of us, no matter where we are (and throughout most months of the year) is going to experience damage from the sun, so any kind of UV protection we can have is beneficial.

TJ: How do you suggest stylists integrate K18 in-salon?

JA: As a salon professional specialising in bleach and tones, what I am doing on the hair is not a conditioning treatment whatsoever. Further to this, most of my clients (I specialise in Asian hair) are progressing from a level 1-to-10, so by utilising K18 we’re able to offset damage from colour, lightener, perms, relaxers and even keratin treatments. In addition to this, we all have those clients who, even though they’re not receiving a chemical service (and no matter what you tell them), they head home and crank their flat iron up to 230 degrees and barbeque their hair. K18 is a great way to offset this damage, also!

TJ: On a personal level, why is the brand a perfect fit for you?

JA: At the end of the day, I want simplicity, I want efficacy, and most of all I want both of those in a short period of time. The fact that I can get everything I want in a 4-minute period means everything. At the end of the day, as a stylist, the more time we have, the more clients we can book – the more money we can make.

TJ: What does 2024 look like for the brand?

JA: All I can say is we have some really exciting products in the pipeline … Mid-year, expect something new from K18.

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