OPI, the renowned nail care brand, has launched a new range of vegan and natural origin nail lacquers and base coats. The Nature Strong collection has expanded with eight new shades and a multi-benefit Botanical Base Coat that provides a healthy and smooth appearance to the nails.

The new shades draw inspiration from nature, offering a mood-boosting palette and classic hues for year-round wear.

The Nature Strong Botanical Base Coat is infused with skincare ingredients such as AHAs, PHAs, Vitamin E, and Squalane, and botanicals like sunflower oil, bamboo extract, and fruit extracts. The formula exfoliates the nails and provides skin-conditioning properties, resulting in healthier-looking natural nails. It can also be used as a primer for Nature Strong Colour.

The range includes eye-catching shades such as A Kick in the Bud, Bee the Change, and Leaf by Example, as well as sophisticated hues like Kind of a Twig Deal and Glowing Places. The two new shades, Mind-full of Glitter and Eco for It, feature vegan glitter technology that is sustainably farmed from eucalyptus trees and suspended in a bio-sourced base, free from plastics.

OPI co-founder and Brand Ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann said, “The expansion of Nature Strong gives OPI fans the ability to have a top to bottom vegan, natural origin manicure with more colour possibilities.”

The new range caters to the growing demand for sustainable and vegan beauty products. The collection is not only eco-friendly but also durable, ensuring a salon-worthy manicure that is gentle on the nails.

Incorporating skincare ingredients into nail polish is a new trend in the industry, and OPI has taken a skinification approach to its Nature Strong collection. The Botanical Base Coat strengthens the nails, reduces brittleness, and improves the overall appearance of the nails.

The new Nature Strong range is available in stores and online, making it easy for customers to incorporate natural and sustainable nail care into their beauty routine.