O&M, the leading name in haircare and styling, showcased its latest STAX collection at the iconic Hordern Pavilion on August 24th, wowing audiences with a stunning display of fashion and innovation during the SECONDLEFT Season 2 Runway event.

Under the creative guidance of O&M ambassador Travis Bandiera, who took on the role of Hair Director for the show, the runway came alive with three captivating Bella Hadid-inspired hair looks. A diverse ensemble of 35 male and female models confidently strutted down the catwalk, each sporting one of these signature styles, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the event.

SECONDLEFT’s Season 2 collection was a testament to the collaborative efforts of activewear designers Matilda Murray and Don Robertson. The collection seamlessly extended the popular STAX activewear line, encompassing a range of stylish pieces, including bomber jackets, corsets, leather sets, maxi skirts, and distressed loungewear.

As Hair Director for the show, Travis Bandiera solidified his status as an industry trendsetter. “We crafted three distinctive looks for this runway,” Bandiera shared. “A sleek, glassy hairdo with a middle part, a more natural and lived-in style, and a sleek streamlined look with lifted roots at the hairline, transitioning to smooth elegance towards the back.”

In pursuit of the coveted Bella Hadid model-off-duty appearance that beautifully complemented the runway ensembles, Bandiera’s team relied exclusively on O&M products. “Our focus was on creating consumer-friendly looks that are effortlessly replicable at home,” Bandiera affirmed.

At the heart of these remarkable styles were key O&M products: Original Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray, Frizzy Logic Shine Spray and Atonic Thickening Spritz.

The STAX presentation marked an exceptional collaboration between O&M and the creative minds behind SECONDLEFT, combining fashion-forward design with innovative hairstyling techniques. With Travis Bandiera’s visionary leadership and the power of O&M products, the event resonated with beauty and sophistication, leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion and haircare.


  1. Start by creating a middle part in the hair and apply Project Sukuori
  2. Use a boar bristle brush and blow dry the hair with zero elevation, maintain the parting.
  3. Once blowdried, take a flat iron with heat no higher than 180 degrees, ironing the hair as flat and smooth as possible.
  4. Take two sections from above the ear to the top of the head on either side of the part to create a slick front. These two sections will be fed underneath to the nape of the hairline and tied off into an elastic, this will secure the sections award.
  5. Finish the look by layering Frizzy Logic Shine Spray paired with Original Queenie for the glass effect on the hair.


  1. Spray hair down with water.
  2. Create deep side part starting on the left recession of the hairline.
  3. Apply a generous amount of Atonic Thickening Spray and layer it throughout the hair, smoothing the hair down.
  4. Lock in the style by layering Original Queenie over entire shape, this will also add shine that’s needed for the end result.
  5. Finish by grabbing a netted diffuser and using high heat and low speed to dry this shape to finish the form.


  1. Layer hair with Surf Bomb and blast dry product into hair. This will bring out natural indentations of the hair.
  2. Smooth out the hairline using a comb or small paddle brush with a blowdryer to remove any unwanted frizz.
  3. Using a flat iron – move the tool in an S shape down the hair to create indention but not curl. As you reach the ends of the hair, leave the ends straight. As you are working throughout the head, the form of the S shape should be as uniform as possible.
  4. Add Desert Dry Texture Spray through the roots to the ends, this will create volume and texture.
  5. Finish with a small amount of W-Spray and brush through with hands to create separation.