Did you know: Over half the population use an accumulative $2 billion worth of herbal extracts and/or dietary supplements?

It would come as no surprise thus that hair supplements occupy an ever-growing segment of this market (go figure); and as such, the team at Three Six Five Salon Group (aka the distributors of Paul Mitchell Systems in Australia) are staking out their claim on this booming sector.

Enter trico.lab. An all-natural (and adorably packaged) hair-wellness range comprising one-a-day hair vitamins and two organic tea blends – to detox, nourish, strengthen and regenerate hair without the use of harsh chemicals or side-effect bearing medications.

Suitable for all hair types (in particular hair prone to shedding, scalp issues and/or breakage), trico.lab was formulated by health experts for hair professionals and their clients; to enhance the salon experience while working in concurrence with professional and retail haircare products.

Clinically proven, all organic and naturopath approved, products are a far-cry from the supplements of yesteryear. What’s more they actually promote overall physical health and mental wellbeing, as evident via trico.lab’s brand mantra, “do good, feel good, look good.”

“We’re dedicated to providing our salon clients with opportunities to grow and run successful businesses; looking at international hair trends and consumer needs to offer innovative and up-to-date haircare solutions,” shares CEO of Three Six Five Salon Group, John Pizzey of the decision to bring trico.lab to market.

Asked why he believes trico.lab to be a viable profit generating opportunity for salon owners and hairdressers alike, John continues, “As hairdressers are so knowledgeable about hair and scalp health, it makes sense that they should be the ones talking to their clients about available hair health solutions.

Due to consumers becoming more health conscious, demand for vitamins, minerals and supplements continues to grow. Our aim is to help salons get their share of this lucrative revenue stream – one that has traditionally been very profitable for supermarkets and pharmacies.

[While] our business is providing professional salon hair care products, it felt like common sense that we should also provide products focused on a well-rounded approach to total hair health. trico.lab hair nutrition can be offered alongside salons’ other product and service offerings to help drive customer loyalty and satisfaction”.

So, how exactly do the products work?

Users are advised to consume one capsule and two-to-three servings of tea per day to ensure intake of essential hair nutrients are obtained. “Just like professional take-home products, trico.lab is an at-home haircare program designed to support and maintain clients’ hair in between salon appointments,” says John.

“It was a deliberate decision to supply 56 one-a-day good hair vitamin capsules per jar; coinciding repeat purchase with the frequency with which most clients have their hair cut or coloured [every eight weeks on average]. We were keen to make things as convenient for the consumer as possible, and of course good for salons too.

Adding trico.lab Good Hair Vitamins or trico.lab tea to a client’s haircare routine really is as simple and organic as a hairdresser recommending an appropriate professional shampoo and conditioner to use at home. Our aim has been to produce the highest quality, effective hair health products with no nasties such as artificial colours and flavours.”

Moreover, capsules are void of the unnecessary binders, sugars and fillers present in most vitamin tablets and gummies, while tea blends are caffeine-free and comprised of certified Australian organic ingredients. Continues John,”we have been highly vigilant in making sure every trico.lab product meets the highest standards.

Our vision is to make hair nutrition a standard part of everyone’s daily haircare regime alongside a great cut, colour and use of professional haircare products. If you want to maintain and support healthy hair growth you need to start with the basics: good nutrition. Everything you do to your hair after that will benefit as well.”

At present, the range includes three staple items – namely the Good Hair Vitamins plus the Hair Detox and Hair Regenerate organic teas – with more products set to rollout following further research and development. “Expansion of our range is in planning, with product development being a lengthy process,” concludes John.

“We will only be releasing products that are supported by appropriate clinical trials, certification or evidence. Every product released under the trico.lab brand must do what it says it will do – and we are very confident that this is the case with the products we have just released.”

Healthier hair and a moment to unwind? Count us in.

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