… As a stylist, when you know that level of moisture is being replaced in the hair, condition is never a concern.

Samantha James, EVY Professional Pro Star

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EVY Professional Pro Star, Samantha James on heat styling in 2019, and those damage myths busted. 

TJ: Define for us the key reasons heat styling has earned such a bad reputation for inflicting damage on the hair?

SJ: As is the cause of many misconceptions like this, people take shortcuts and expect the same great result. Things like skipping heat protection on every section and not performing regular treatments and haircuts. Shortcuts that will most certainly catch up with hair when heat styling as regularly as we do now. People just need to be aware and it’s up to us to educate clients on best practice when it comes to using the array of hot tools we have now.

TJ: Heat stylers have come a long way since their launch onto market some 20 years ago! What are the hero, pioneering features of EVY that promote health in the hair, while styling

SJ: Inner-hair hydration is what it’s all about, and EVY does it so well. With infused minerals (including gold!) small moisture molecules are created and pushed deeper into the hair. EVY tools manage to achieve incredible, visible inner-hair hydration. This notoriously leaves hair looking and feeling smoother with ample shine. As a stylist, when you know that level of moisture is being replaced in the hair, condition is never a concern – not to me or my clients using EVY at home.

TJ: In your opinion, why is it important for modern stylists to work with intelligent stylers that actively reserve hair health, when in-salon and on-set?

SJ: When using tools that impart the hydration, protection and finish that EVY does, I know whatever style I’m creating will benefit from the absolute best finish and ample longevity. This is important from wherever I’m working, be it in-salon or on-set. Secondly, because most clients are so well educated now (be it via the professional or social media), there is an expectation on the stylist to use tools and products that will preserve the integrity of the hair.

TJ: How do EVY’s unique damage protection features support you when working in a session context/ when you’re changing styles frequently?

SJ: Working in an environment that demands quick and frequent hair changes, EVY grants me the piece of mind that my style(s) will last. The luxury of flexibility is another big value – the application of heat throughout the day causing no need for concern (courtesy of protective technology).

TJ: Your ultimate EVY tool?

SJ: Our IQ OneGlide 1.5” … so versatile!

TJ: You have just opened a new salon! How do your clients enjoy EVY tools – do they notice a difference in the results, versus other heat stylers?

SJ: There are a few things my clients always notice: The Infusalite allows them to spend the time they need to blow-dry their hair properly (without their arms giving up!) … sounds crazy but it’s the biggest thing. My clients that have converted from other tools are those that comment the most, always mentioning the superior feel/finish of EVY versus competitors.

TJ: What other products do you incorporate when heat styling hair, to further ensure minimal heat damage?

SJ: I always use a leave-in moisturiser, either the e-smooth seal or tame (to hydrate when wet), then the Matrix heat buffer spray before blow-drying. To ensure ultimate protection, I educate all clients and models to spray section-by-section once dry and before heat styling … especially on two day-old hair!

TJ: Your daily hair routine?

SJ: If I’m going curly, I diffuse it and it’ll last few days. If I can’t be bothered (as that actually takes a lot of effort) I just blow-dry it wavy with my Infusalite and my favourite Quad Tec brush, then usually E-Curl day two.

TJ: What styling looks are clients regularly requesting in-salon, and your EVY tool of choice, plus technique to achieve this?

SJ: Definitely waves and not too done, hence my favourite tool 1.5” IQ OneGlide. It’s a style workable for short, medium or long hair, simply apply your favourite volumising products then blowdry with the Schima or Quadtec brush … but (more) blasting so there’s an element of fatness to the cuticle. Take vertical sections, spray a heat buffer and using your iron, bend the hair by turning just under 180 degrees. Start this technique either at the mid-length, or for long hair, a third of the way down (then two thirds of the way down). Shake out and finish with Matrix texture builder and voila!

TJ: Coming into summer (the season of sun, salt and blondes) what are some daily rituals clients should consider to keep hair in optimum condition?

SJ: The DAILY application of a leave-in moisturiser (or twice a day if you’re on holiday or beaching a lot). For my blondes, it becomes a handbag product and I make them moisturise at their desk … I’m a stickler for healthy blondes! Also, deep masque regularly. The more you sun and neglect hair, the more often you should be applying a masque. Sleep in it … but don’t let it matte unless you want dreadlocks! Be sure to comb the treatment in. Lastly, it’s not ideal to leave your beach hair-in. We all love this vibe but conditioning post-swim is definitely recommended.