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Lluís Llongueras, global hairdressing icon, passes away.
On Monday, 29th May 2023, the hairdressing world said goodbye to one of its leading international figures: Lluís Llongueras. An artist in capital letters who completely revolutionised the industry and with a career full of successes and great milestones that made him one of the most beloved beauty icons in the world, both by consumers and by his colleagues in the profession.
Lluís Llongueras (Esparreguera, Barcelona 1936) was a pioneer and innovator in the field of hairdressing, a profession where he literally started from scratch to end up being recognised, in 2019, as the first hairdresser in history to be awarded the prestigious International Hair Legend Award by the International Hairdressing Awards.
In addition to being a hairdresser, Llongueras will always be remembered as a total artist. A friend and collaborator of personalities such as Salvador Dalí, his creative passion was not limited to combs and scissors. Lluís was also a renowned sculptor, painter, writer, poet and photographer, among other artistic aspects of his multifaceted personality.
An innovator ahead of his time and a tireless creator of new techniques and trends, he never kept anything to himself and always shared his art and knowledge with the rest of the profession. Thanks to this passionate spirit for education, he created the world-famous Llongueras Institute, where thousands of hairdressers from all over the world have been trained, and developed his well-known Llongueras Method, distributed internationally both in print and on video.
Llongueras was an authentic and unique being who, despite his enormous success, always remained true to his roots as a lover of the Mediterranean. As proof of this, Barcelona saw his first salon, his institute and the first eco-sustainable hairdressing salon. Today Llongueras has become a reference name in the sector with more than 70 salons in Spain and an important international presence in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Switzerland, Japan, Dominican Republic or Andorra.
Among the many traits that define the figure of Lluís Llongueras is his defence of women. It could be said that he was one of the people responsible for liberating Spanish women in the 1960s. As he himself declared in the media: “I dishevelled Spain’s hair to liberate women”. He was always ahead of the feminist movements and in the 1960s he was already fighting and defending equal salaries for men and women in his salons.
Please join us as we remember the life and legacy of a true global hairdressing icon. Vale Lluís Llongueras.