Fresh off their 2020 campaign reveal; GlamPalm Australia are making strides once again, with the launch of their new PrimeCare+ program.

Fortifying GlamPalm’s commitment to unrivalled service for professionals and consumers alike, the June-launched assurance program grants tool purchasers up to three years of technical support and additional hardware coverage.

Included in the latter? Up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage (each subject to a service fee of $39.00 for a replacement power cord, $69.00 for external enclosure damage and/or $99.00 for other damage descriptions).

Sweetening the deal that bit more? Purchasers will also gain priority access to heat, styling and tool advice delivered straight from GlamPalm’s esteemed troupe of educators and tool experts – all via chat, email or phone correspondence.

To access these benefits, GlamPalm purchasers need simply add the PrimeCare+ service (valued at $39.00) to their buy cart, upon purchasing their new GlamPalm electrical tool(s).

PrimeCare+ may also be procured and redeemed within 30 days of purchase from an authorised GlamPalm stockist, upon verification of serial number and proof of purchase.

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