Ever the market trailblazers, Dyson has added two new and precision engineered attachments to its (revolutionary) Supersonic™ styling suite.

Fortifying the brand’s commitment to innovation, research-honed technology and the perseveration of hair integrity during styling, the attachments adjoin Dyson’s coveted Supersonic™ hair dryer, further enhancing the tool’s drying capacity and styling potential.

Developed for multiple hair types (from naturally straight through to textured lengths) both the gentle air dryer and Wide-tooth comb attachments are prime for at-home and in-salon styling; the perfect additions to the Supersonic‘s staple styling concentrator and diffusor.

As with their preceding add-ons, the Gentle air dryer and Wide-tooth comb attachments remain cool to touch during styling, harnessing the brand’s unique heat shield technology (hot air is contained within a sandwich of cold air). Both are also magnetic, for easy adjustment between uses.

So… what is it exactly that makes each of the new additions unique?

First up, the Gentle air dryer attachment. Engineered for fast, gentle styling this attachment is perfect for fine hair and sensitive scalps, offering a softer, more diffused air flow whilst still ensuing fast drying. It also protects against colour fade for brighter colour that lasts longer.

As with Dyson’s game-changing Airwrap™ styler, the Gentle air dryer attachment makes use of the Coanda Effect, manipulating the Supersonic‘s airflow to widen its path, diffusing air over a larger surface area and delivering a gentler, cooler airflow to the scalp.

Next, the new Wide-tooth comb attachment. Developed for curly and coily hair, this feature helps to shape, lengthen and create volume without damaging the hair and is perfect for drying, styling and adding definition to textured hair types.

The Wide-tooth comb’s teeth were crafted with a large, soft radius, to facilitate an even distribution of airflow across the attachment, providing a more comfortable drying experience, that’s gentler on the scalp. Teeth are assembled via a flexible torsion bar that follows the scalp shape for effective detangling.

For those yet to experience Dyson’s re-engineered diffusor, this one is perfect for reducing frizz and creatine curl definition, having been re-designed to incorporate a new two-tiered mesh system that creates its own pressure environment within the attachment’s head.

Acting as a porous barrier to dissipate airflow, the mesh results in an even distribution of low velocity airflow to enhance curls. The re-engineered diffusor also contains longer prongs, directing hot airflow away from the scalp while allowing airflow to dry the hair.

Likewise the next-gen styling concentrator has been re-imagined for varying hair types and desired textures (whether you’re looking to create a sleek, straight finish or everyone’s favourite bouncy blow-dry) boasting faster, more precise airflow for controlled styling.

Just when you thought your favourite tool couldn’t get any better…