New Social Media Review Site for Hairdressers

In June 2015 hairdressers will be able to utilise a new social media site that will help offer feedback and recommendations from and for their client base. The free-to-use site ‘Recomazing’ will help hairdressers deliver more referred customers and drive sales to their business.

The site works by enabling friends to find, make and share business recommendations to their social media network – saving everyone time and money. Recomazing was developed by Australian Marc Cowper, to offer hairdressing businesses an easy, time efficient and cost effective means to use social media to generate new customers.

Creating a business profile and receiving recommendations is very straightforward and free for all businesses. The platform also has a ‘set and forget’ profile page for businesses- great for small business owners as they don’t need to update it with new content and can instead focus on their core business

Unlike current anonymous review sites that open opportunities for negative feedback and the possibility of competitors writing falsified negative reviews, Recomazing was specifically set up to only feature positive recommendations from people in your social network. If a customer gets amazing service from a business then they can provide a recommendation; if they don’t, they simply don’t give it a ‘reco’.

Businesses can register for Recomazing, start their free business profile and access early bird offers by visiting They will be able to receive ‘recos’ from customers after the consumer launch in June 2015.

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– TJ