It is no secret that fashion and beauty trends are cyclical in nature, often looking to the past for inspo and spinning what is found into something fresh. What’s old is new again, and so on and so forth.

What is interesting to note is that top trends this season, whilst more nostalgic than ever, do not focus solely on one single era or aesthetic from the past. Top trends emerging on catwalks and in news feeds are scattered across decades, styles and social movements. Be it TikTok’s obsession with Euphoria-esque Y2K looks, low-key ’90s waves as seen on our favourite Hollywood it girls or the ’70s feathered bang revival favoured by the likes of Gucci, it seems as though we’re truly going back to the future with our hair trends this winter.

From cuts to colours, here we’ve pulled together our top vintage trends this winter.



'90s REVIVAL | Scandi Waves

Perhaps the most low maintenance look making waves (pun intended) this season, this ’90s nod is dominating news feeds with it’s Cali cool girl energy. An effortless, deconstructed take on carefully crimped ’90s locks, scandi waves are all about keeping it imperfect.

Inspiration: Kendall Jenner, Hailey Beiber, Dua Lipa.

'70s GLAMOUR | Feathered Hair

Think Farah Fawcett’s iconic ’70s style circa Charlies Angels, with a modern polish. The feathered haircut trend – identified by light, fluid, full-bodied layers sans the fluff – that incorporates the very best bits from the wolf cut, the octopus cut and the glam ’70s blowout to create a style that is versatile and well suited to a variety of different lengths.

Inspiration: Margot Robbie’s Barbie

OLD SCHOOL GLAM | Vintage Blonde

Forget icy platinum tones, vintage blonde is the colour of the moment. An ode to the vintage glamour of old, vintage blonde takes a slightly warmer and more golden approach to lighter locks. Think Grace Kelly, Veronica Lake and other Hollywood actresses from the golden age of film as your reference points in nailing the look.

The good news? Vintage blonde is easy to achieve, with significantly less upkeep than you’d expect. Simply skip every second purple shampoo to achieve that warmer hue, and perhaps opt for a half head of foils as opposed to a full head.

Inspiration: For a modern twist, Sydney Sweeney. Alternatively, start saving images of your favourite Old Hollywood screen sirens.

Y2K FEVER | Antenna Bangs, Baby Braids & Butterfly Clips

Everything naughties is new again, thanks to a Euphoria-fueled Y2K obsession taking over TikTok and current pop culture trends. Think antenna bangs, baby braids, butterfly clips, spiky buns and chunky highlights… The list goes on, but the resurgence has seen these 00’s trends take over hair and beauty in recent months. The fantastic thing about incorporating this particular style flashback is that you can go as subtle or as all-out nostalgic as you like.

Inspiration: Bella Hadid is the poster girl for Y2K fever. Name an ’00s trend, she’s tried it.