The collection is quite varied; from beautiful dresses to tailoring, there’s quite a broad range of looks. Hair is almost like the model has done it herself, a woman who knows what works for her. She’s going somewhere in an effortless was. Done but undone, polished with a twist.

Michelle McQuillan

One of the most anticipated shows of the 2018 roster, Bianca Spender brought her signature tailoring and refined sophistication to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.

The Collection: Visualise an array of easy separates in a bevy of wearable colours – think navy blues, earthy greens and plenty of white with bright pops of orange for good measure. Silhouettes were characteristically loose and flowy, highlighting the designer’s signature drapery work.

Titled Unbiased, the collection was a chance for Spender to manifest a liberated vs sensual dichotomy; each garment represented the perfect piece for the modern woman, whose unabashedly determined yet not without her feminine wiles.

The Hair: In keeping with the quintessential Bianca Spender aesthetic, Creative Director Michelle McQuillan and Lead Stylist Shane Henning led a team of Goldwell’s stylists in crafting a refined, albeit modern hair look, reminiscent of such icons as Bianca Jagger.

“The Bianca Spender woman is polished, yet still modern,” said Michelle. “The collection is quite varied – from beautiful dresses to tailoring – there’s quite a broad range of looks. Bianca drew inspiration from Bianca Jagger – she’s a polished lady, but she still has fun. Hair is almost like the model has done it herself, a woman who knows what works for her. Done but undone, polished with a twist.”

Picture a bouncy blow dry that’s brushed through for added softness: natural texture that’s voluminous at the crown and cascades into gentle rolls. 

How To: Step 1: Apply Ultra Volume Blow Dry & Finish Bodying Spray to dry hair saturating from roots to ends all through the front to past the crown area. Spray a little throughout the back.

Step 2: Blast the hair dry, working as quickly as possible to dry the hair.

Step 3: When completely dry use a small tong and medium tong and tong the whole head in random sections (nothing uniform), all in different directions and small ish sections at the front and top. Heat and bend the tong mostly at the root area loosening off towards the ends. Moving to the back of the hair tong in bigger sections ensuring the tong is dragged from the root area to avoid lift at the roots, heating the middle section and lifting off before the ends. Apply Kerasilk Texturizing Finish Spray throughout hair thoroughly.

Step 4: Pro Tip: Use a Mason hair brush to brush out the look, other hair brushes will make hair static.

Step 5: Apply Kerasilk Color Gentle Dry Shampoo to roots and crown. Working in the mirror set up hair to what works best – middle or side. Manipulate into the shape and use covered hairclips to clip into shape.

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Image Credit: Monica Buscarino for The Journal