Yet another day of fashionable frivolity has transpired, which can only mean one thing: a new set of fabulous hair looks. Take a scroll through the hair inspo for day four of MBFWA.


Synonymous with effortless Australian beauty and style, Designer Lee Mathews celebrated 20 years of success with a stunning collection that was nothing short of stunning.

Partnered perfectly and in keeping with the brand’s environmentally conscious ethos, Lee Mathews sought the expertise of eco-friendly haircare KEVIN.MURPHY for the 20th-anniversary collection. Led by Hair Director Nathan Gorman, the team of stylists set about creating a folded hair look emulating the fabrics and textures found in the Lee Mathews garments.

“For Lee Matthews 20-year anniversary show KEVIN.MURPHY wanted to reflect the brand alignment perfectly,” explains Gorman. “Lee is known for her effortless pieces, her use of natural fabrics and her focus on simplicity, sustainability and inclusivity so we wanted to create a hair look that reflected this effortless appeal and had a “come as you are” attitude. The look is a hair fold, not a top knot, not a ballerina bun, almost an elevated version of something the model could have done on herself. Each look is as individual as the woman wearing it.”

Prepping the hair backstage, Gorman and company used KEVIN. MURPHY’s new HEATED.DEFENSE foam followed with ANTI.GRAVITY- SPRAY and SESSION.SPRAY-FLEX to create a silky texture, allowing each model’s natural texture to be the hero. “We created a high ponytail and then we collapsed folded and stitched it. We wanted to create consistency in the feel but for each and every fold to reflect the individuality of the hair it is applied to. Each fold reflects the wearer just like Lee’s use of fabric drapes each wearer in a unique and flattering way,” explains Gorman.

With final touches complete Gorman added bands along the hairline to elongate the neck, framing and making the focus on the face and the flow of the garments on the runway.


For today’s Leo & Lin show, Artistic Director Jo Smith and a team of TONI&GUY stylists were on hand to fashion three stunning looks for the 2020 Resort collection. Drawing cues from the show’s folklore mythology inspired theme, Smith led her team creating three signature looks that complimented the signature pieces and intricate lacework and embellishments found in the collection.

A uber natural, soft and effortless wave led the charge, giving life and movement to the models as they glide down the runway.

“We wanted to keep it very clean and airy so as the models moved you could really see the beauty coming through.” said Jo.

The second look, a stronger more texturised knot at the base of the neck,  created a romantically dishevelled low ponytail.

Working with a soft wave the third look had more of a slicked, polished feel to it.

“We wanted the hair to look more lived in, more elegant, but to still have a rawness to it,” Smith commented on the third look.


True to form, Helen O’Conners wild and whimsical  Thurley collection featured showstopping pieces bursting with personality.

Led by Hair maestro Anthony Nadar for Revlon Professional, a team of stylist worked to create a modernized ‘Blue Lagoon’ inspired hair look, using Revlon’s UV Protector and Texture Spray.

“It’s all about texture, but a really refined texture. Today is all about looking like there have been no tools used and creating an appearance of really natural texturised wave in the hair,” said Nadar. “I am calling it a distressed wave, it’s not polished, it’s not formal in any way. It is simply a beautiful texture refined.”


The Boys in Paradise inspired collection from Michael Azzolini was a fan favourite for day 3 – what’s not to love about men with abs for days? 

The hair for the show reflecting the swimwear label’s aesthetic perfectly with Redken Hair Director Marie Cain in charge. 

“In speaking with Michael we wanted to create a vibe of the men to look as though they had just stepped out of the water in Positano. It was important for them to look fresh and healthy with a summer glow.“ Said Marie. 

The team of stylists diffused the hair layered with the Redken Brews Products, a combination of of Get Groomed, Hold Tight and One United, to create the wet look perfectly suited to the men in short shorts enjoying spoils of summer on the Italian Riviera.


Cool kids Double Rainbouu beckoned guests to the Chinese Garden of Friendship, for their ’20 resort collection: United Colours of Rainbouu.

Show-goers traversed through a utopian labyrinth of colours and models, each donning items from the brand’s new collection.

On hand to ensure models looked the part was Lead Stylist for KMS Ali Holmes, who created individual looks for each of the show’s 30 delegates.

“It’s always fun working with Double Rainbouu as we get to play with so many looks. You’ll see hip length extensions inspired by Boticcelli paintings, braids, buzz cuts and pastel marbled hair inspired by the Double Rainbouu print using our new KMS STYLE COLOR shades.”