INTERVIEW: Marie Uva is Appointed GHD Victorian Brand Warrior

All of my staff at UVA salon love the ghd curve classic wave wand, it fits right into our brand and all our clients (including celebrity) love it too … they all have one!

Marie Uva, ghd Victorian Brand Warrior

Marie Uva has been appointed Victorian Brand Warrior for ghd. A move that, with a cult following of celebrities defined as much by their long, fairytale (hair) finish as their media profile, makes perfect sense.

“I accepted the role with ghd because I genuinely love their tools; I really do love them,” Marie reiterated, determined to make clear the genuine nature of the collaboration.

For those who don’t know Marie Uva, she’s a fierce businesswoman and a genius of the colour bar. Winner of AHFA Creative Colourist of the Year 2009, and finalist multiple times, it was first her strength as a technician that captured industry attention. Never confronting geometric work, just soft, beautiful fusions of the wheel that, no matter the season, are a wearable case of beauty.

No different to her styling work. With top clients including Jennifer Hawkins, Rebecca Judd, Gigi Hadid and Helena Christensen (when they’re in town), Marie is synonymous with that pared back polish every woman seeks. Goddess texture that feels as natural as it does luxe. Just the kind of movement our friends at ghd are renowned.

“It’s a rarity that someone leaves the salon without a ghd service, especially the curve. All of my staff at UVA salon love the ghd curve classic wave wand, it fits right into our brand and all our clients (including celebrity) love it too … they all have one!”

So what is it about this womanly version of the original that marks it a ‘can’t style without’ both on-set and in-salon?

“The ghd curve enables me to create natural texture or more of a styled look. Because of the technology powering the tool, it far outweighs competitors – for example its capacity to turn on instantly and its three heating elements make for quicker, more efficient and longer lasting styling.”

The hand behind Melbourne Fashion Week’s hero celebrity looks (including Elyse Knowles), Marie needs tools that can keep up with the demands of both her celebrity and in-salon clientele, their agenda and shifting beauty requirements.  And for this, the ghd gold styler is proving key.

“I’m lucky enough to have both the standard, new ghd gold styler and the super luxe limited edition version, and it’s rare you’ll find me anywhere without them,” says Marie.

“Not only do I use it on myself daily, but it’s the perfect support to an amazing blow wave – which is a big request in our salon – and a great way to ensure ample longevity from your work. And the best part is, our clients can use the tool in almost the same way, at home. There is nothing worse than a client walking away with a style unachievable at home,” believes Marie.

So compatible are Marie and ghd – so outstanding are their results – that it has been rumored some particular Melbourne celebrities will style their hair themselves, if the pair are unavailable.

“It’s true! If I’m unavailable for a shoot, Rebecca Judd and Nadia Bartel will use their latest ghd tool to style their hair themselves,” confirms Marie.

“And this is what makes ghd such a big part of our business her at UVA. Everyone loves the type of hair we stand for, we all believe in it, and clients see and feel the results first hand. And it’s because of this that ghd is the biggest part of our business’ bottom line.It’s not a sell for my staff, they believe in the product as much as I do.”

A match made in heaven.