Up-sell your client the ultimate Saturday night transformation.

We’ve received a lotta’ love for our recent cover and extended shoot starring Lianna Perdis. Gathering likes as a fringe-less Millennial slash beauty icon every other day, we transformed this Napoelon Perdis Total Bae into a fringe-facing 70’s dream girl – The Journal’s Issue 4 ‘Girl on Fire.’ And while the crushed pink velvet, vintage red Mustang and green Celine played a part, it was the bangs that really drove that Jane Birkin meets Farah Fawcett vibe home.

The lady responsible was The Journal’s friend and collaborator Miss Paloma Rose Garcia of Oscar Oscar Paddington, who here gives us a basic breakdown on achieving that flawless faux fringe, shoot or salon, every time.

FIND THE FRINGE: Find a great fringe piece! Showpony Professional has a great selection along with various other brands. For the Girl on Fire shoot I custom made the fringe with hair wefts that I then glued-in.

COLOUR MATCH. Colour match is KEY to making the faux fringe look as real as possible. Don’t compromise on this.

LEAVE LENGTH. Leave longer lengths on the side to cut-in and beautifully blend to the model/clients real hair.

FEEL FLAT: Make sure the piece is as flat to the head as possible! It needs to sit flush on the head, no bumps! Again so it looks natural.

SECURE AND SPRITZ. Once the fringe is in and secure, spritz the piece down with water and let it air dry to get rid of that wiggy look.

Why not offer your next Saturday-night guest the ultimate faux fringe transformation? The perfect salon up-service, she’ll hit the town brimming with confidence and can return to her former self the very next day.