Ever the market trailblazers, Schwarzkopf Professional have added an all new innovation to their expansive product portfolio.

Enter BC Bonacure Fibre Clinix: a hyper-customised, salon exclusive treatment formulated with Schwarzkopf’s patented Triple Bonding Technology to provide long lasting salon results on just about any hair type.

Inspired by recent skin care technologies and hero ingredients (i.e. keratin, collagen and hyaluronic acid), each product has been custom formulated to address an array of hair needs; replenishing damaged hair cells for renewed, virgin-like hair.

Using the brand’s patented Cell Perfector Technology, each item in the BC Bonacure Fibre Clinix range serves to replenish damaged hair cells from the cuticle right through to the cortex – sealing the hair surface for smoother, healthier, and more vibrant hair.

Fibre Clinix’s game changing technology also acts to rebuild the structure of hair using identical amino-acids chains – resulting in renewed strength, increased elasticity, and of course a healthy, Schwarzkopf shine.

The process begins with the Fibre Clinix Tribond Shampoo: a gentle albeit effective cleansing shampoo that not only prepares the hair for treatment, but also primes weak, chemically processed, and breakage-prone strands.

Next up? Treatment.

Clients can experience one of two targeted treatments (the Tribond Treatment Coarse Hair or Tribond Treatment Fine Hair) depending on hair density. Each treatment replenishes damaged hair structures, for hair that’s up to 10 times stronger when used in combination with the BC Tribond Shampoo.

Further amplifying treatment’s efficacy are a series of 5 bespoke BC Fibre Clinix Boosters, each of which caters to a specific hair concern. Each booster intensifies the Tribond treatment, restoring the inner and outer hair structure for up to 60 days.

  • Fibre Clinix Hyaluronic Moisture Booster: A concentrated gel emulsion that moisturises dry hair, leaving hair feeling softer with up to 24 hours moisturised hair feel.
  • Fibre Clinix pH 4.5 Colour Booster: A concentrated additive for colour treated, highlighted and over-processed hair, resulting in hair appearing up to 3 times more vibrant.
  • Fibre Clinix Peptide Repair Booster: A concentrated emulsion that replenishes hair that is damaged and unmanageable from repeated chemical treatments or influences. The booster leaves hair feeling revitalised with reduced breakage.
  • Fibre Clinix Keratin Smooth Booster: An intense care gel that tames frizz, making hair more manageable and smoother, with up to 48 hours anti-frizz effect.
  • Fibre Clinix Collagen Volume Booster: A gel-based concentrate that boosts body and bounce for fine hair that lacks strength and resilience, resulting in a 48 hour texturised hair feeling.

Following service, clients can extend their treatment results using the brand’s BC Bonacure retail range, which includes a series of targeted shampoos, conditioners, at-home treatments and styling staples. (View the full selection here).

Debuting the new range to selection of editor’s, influencers and industry insiders were Schwarzkopf Professional’s ANZ Marketing and Education Director ANZ Nathan Gorman, as well as Schwarzkopf Professional artists Dario Mastrona and Patrick Fitzpatrick.

Inside Barangaroo’s chic Blown Lux salon, guests were treated to a customised BC Bonacure Fibre Clinix service which included a tailored Fibre Clinix consult and treatment, head massage, and – the pièce de résistance – a stunning style transformation.

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