Meet the newest member of the evo fab pro family, Staino: a ten-hue palette of vibrant, direct dyes that will have you seeing colours.

Let’s face it. It’s impossible to think on a brand such as evo without a barrage of cool products, people (or humans – in keeping with the evo vernacular) and pictures springing to mind.

And cool it most certainly is.

Since it’s trailblazing arrest of the hair market, evo has remained the undisputed pinnacle of cool (heck, it’ll even make you cool by association). A brand built on quality, integrity and realness; one void of those all to apparent commercial trappings that tend to predicate the earth’s (or at least the beauty industry’s) rotation.

It would seem only fitting thus for the brand’s latest professional offering – the newest iteration of the popular fab pro franchise – to be just as cool, and then some. A bold, diversity-championing addition to the brand’s thoughtfully curated portfolio; one that’s guaranteed to leave a mark.

Enter Staino: a new range of high pigment, semi-permanent direct-dyes that quite literally stain the hair with colour; a vivid wash of rainbow brilliance capable of transforming just about any colour base – even that of brunette hair.

Boasting a palette of ten intermixable shades, Staino grants wearers bright, long-lasting colour and shine – lasting up to fifty washes, fading true-to-tone, and, perhaps most brilliantly of all, nourishing the hair cuticle during the colouring process.

“Those familiar with the fab pro system will agree that Staino was the next product we needed; an addition to the line that really sets us apart [from competitors],” evo’s Head of Education, Jay Kownacki, revealed at Staino’s Sydney launch event this week.

“We started our campaign to create Staino about three years ago [with an aim to produce] vibrant, long lasting shades of colour,” he continued. “At present we have ten, super-bright, intense direct-dyes – each built into a conditioning base for shinier results.”

Each dye can be intermixed for colour variation, or combined with a customised evo fab pro conditioner base as part of an at-home, client maintenance program – to amplify colour, preserve condition and maximise vibrancy, between salon visits.

In keeping with the brand’s conscientious approach to product-making, formulas are entirely vegan, sulfate, paraben and cruelty free and wrapped in biodegradable packaging – for sustainability ticks across the board. Yet another feel good component.

As is the evo way.