Enter Eksperience by Revlon Professional; the luxe new treatment and care range derived from active, marine-origin ingredients.

Culminating years’ of research, development and product analysis, Eksperience features a selection of professional, in-salon treatments and an accompanying retail line: all of which work to address a myriad of scalp and hair concerns in one process.

The epitome of luxury, the range not only heroes a selection of marine-origin ingredients, it also takes a personalised approach to hair care: affording hairdressers the opportunity to assess each clients’ respective needs and concerns, before tailoring their treatment and care ritual accordingly.

“Clients are so receptive to us giving a holistic consultation to address their hair needs, but also their scalp; there has been a gap in the market place for this,” said Revlon Professional Creative Ambassador co-founder of Adilla Colab, Frankie Flannagan.

“Traditionally scalp treatments have [taken] a one-size-fits-all approach,” she continued. “Now we have the control to give each individual client exactly what they need, while still treating their concerns about colour and thermal damage.”

Across four targeted offerings (Talassotherapy, Boost, Reconstruct and Treatment offerings) clients can experience a complete in-salon service or personalised ritual, each treatment aimed at restoring one’s well-being and overall balance whilst treating a specific hair/scalp concern.

Talassotherapy: Unarguably Eksperience’s hero offering, Talassotherapy  encompasses a range of tailored treatments aimed at managing issues such as scalp sensitivity, excess sebum, hair loss and dandruff.

A multi-step system, Talassotherapy uses active muds, essential oil extracts and bespoke scalp massages – spanning a series of stages, namely: purification, remineralisation, cleansing, and application of treatment.

Reconstruct: An exclusive range of in-salon offerings, each product in the Reconstruct line has been expert formulated using Keratin as a key ingredient, to reconstruct hair fibres and restore elasticity and softness to brittle, porous and/or fine hair.

Reconstruct includes the Fast Reconstruct Method (the fastest treatment for reconstruction of dry, brittle hair) and the Complete Reconstruct Method (a salon beauty treatment that re-energises dry, brittle hair through a complete beauty ritual and massage).

Boost: The Boost line features a number of versatile products, for use in the salon or alternatively at home. Each can be used on its own or in combination with various other products in the Eksperience range.

Treatment: The treatment line includes a range of dedicated beauty solutions for hair care and scalp issues, each designed for salon and/or at-home use.

Each formulation combines a unique blend of active ingredients including Noirmoutier marine spring water, Oligoelements and a selection of algae elements including focus vesiculosus algae with hydrolyzed acting & specific algae. (View the full ingredient list here).

Formulas also feature a mixture of trace elements (zinc, copper, iron, silicon, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium), noble trace elements (important for the vital functions of organisms) and finally Aquamaris Complex for increased energy and nourishment.

Following it’s anticipated global launch, the Eksperience range is now available in Revlon Professional salons across Australia.

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