Celebrities love it. Chris Appleton swears by it. Your clients will adore you for it.

Admit it. You googled how to look like Jennifer Lopez after her (now iconic) Super Bowl half-time performance. The bad news is you’d probably have to workout 10x a day to achieve her abs (sorry). The good news? You and your clients can now achieve JLo’s glossy, vibrant strands in the comfort of your home or salon.

Enter, Color Wow: A revolutionary range of high-performance, reparative wonders designed to restore condition to colour-treated/damaged hair leaving strands looking (and feeling) miraculously smoother, more protected and less prone to breakage. (Try typing #ColorWow into your search fields for a quick glimpse into its transformative prowess).

Void of ‘colour corruptors’ (i.e. any breed of chemical that causes colour distortion), sulphates, silicones, parabens and other toxic chemicals, formulas are ‘beauty problem solvers’, offering solutions to an array of widespread hair concerns – from colour damage through to frizz and breakage. Hair is transformed, and drastically at that.

So, how does it work? The process begins with the Color Wow Dream Filter; a pre-shampoo mineral remover that works like a magnet to remove metals and impurities that dull, darken and distort hair colour. Dream Filter is sprayed through strands and left to sit for three minutes, before which nasties are extracted pre-shampoo.

Next up, hair is cleansed using Color Wow Color Security Shampoo; a gentle, sulphate and silicon free formulation that’s perfect for every hair type – even extensions! Typically, clients will require 1-3 rounds – depending on build-up –  and hair is left clean, fresh, softer and cleared of impurities.

Likewise, the Color Wow Security Conditioners are uniquely formulated with non-oxidising conditioning agents (that tend to corrupt or make colour brassy) and as such each instantly smooths, detangles, hydrates and silkens colour-treated/damaged hair. Choose from one of two formulas: fine-to-normal or normal-to thick.

Post basin, hair is treated with either one or a concoction of Color Wow Dream Cocktails, an assortment of targeted leave-in treatments that infuse vital natural ingredients into the hair, helping to drastically improve the quality and texture of hair. These are also perfect for priming hair before a blow-dry.

Clients experiencing breakage or dehydrated strands will derive the most benefit from Color Wow’s Kale-Infused Dream Cocktail. Infused with sulfur-rich sea kale that activates with heat to improve hair quality, this leave-in treatment makes hair 50% stronger each and every blow-dry.

Those looking for a volume boost will love Color Wow’s Carb-Infused Dream Cocktail; an invisible, weightless carb-based complex (cellulose, starch and oat bran) that leaves hair thicker, fuller and more voluminous. Perfect for naturally fine-haired clients or those who’ve experienced mass loss as a result of colour processing.

Finally, Colour Wow’s Coconut-Infused Dream Cocktail, a rich re-hydrating treatment, is perfect for restoring silkiness, shine and hydration to hair. This formula mimics and replaces the hair’s lost lipid layer (thanks to a unique complex of 18-MEA and coconut oil) restoring hair as close to virgin quality as possible.

As for the next step? Hair is saturated with Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray to (magically) transform the hair’s texture while safeguarding against humidity, static and frizz. The holy grail of humidity-blockers, Dream Coat is a favourite of Chris Appleton’s and was used (en masse) to tame JLo’s strands pre-styling.

After prepping and priming, hair is finally blowdried through to seal and activate product. Those looking to recreate the popular ‘Glass Hair‘ trend (donned by a string of celebs including one Ms. Kim K) need only ‘kiss’ blow-dried ends with a heat styler. Thanks to Color Wow’s inbuilt heat protection, you can also curl or re-style hair with confidence.

The result? Visibly (and touch-ably) transformed strands. Hair is smoother, glossier and more vibrant in colour… with a high-shine finish capable of rivalling even JLo’s locks.

Wow indeed.

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