Haircare is the new skincare.

Introducing Hair Rituel by Sisley: a new and complete care routine to clean, regenerate and beautify hair.

Sisley Paris have long been facilitators of beauty, so it came as no surprise when the French outfit announced their first venture into haircare.

Enter Hair Rituel by Sisley; a suite of six specialised treatments catering to both scalp and hair, simultaneously. Think: an uber-luxe skincare regime.. specifically for your hair.

Dubbed a sensorial hair ritual (who doesn’t like the sound of that?) this unisex range cleans, regenerates, fortifies and enhances tresses, with botanical extracts, essential oils and minerals serving to restructure fibres and increase hair vitality.

“Hair represents a huge market that is constantly growing,” says General Manager of Sisley Australia, Irene Robinson. “As the beauty and biology of hair and skin have many similarities, we believed we had the legitimacy and expertise to launch a successful hair care brand.”

And that they did. Leveraging the brand’s 40+ years of skincare expertise, the Sisley team researched and crafted a range to address a myriad of hair needs from protection all the way through to beautification – a project five years in the making.

“The scalp and skin have the same external and internal aggressors (UV, pollution, stress, ageing etc) so we have used various expert skin-care ingredients and new active ingredients that specifically respond to [scalp] needs”.

Such active ingredients include ceramides and cotton proteins (to restructure damaged fibres and prevent breakage/split ends), zinc, copper, magnesium, Vitamin B6, Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E derivatives (to preserve hair vitality, strength and resistance) and rice proteins (to stimulate follicle stem cells and regenerate fibres).

“The fresh and invigorating citrus and woody notes are coupled with an ‘active core’, which stimulates hair vitality by contributing to its nutrient supply. This Active core is a combination of Hinoki essential oil, Mimosa absolute and Bay Saint-Thomas [which are] highly effective in stimulating vascular growth synthesis and providing nutrients needed for hair growth and vitality.”

As with the brand’s skincare, makeup and fragrance offerings, all active ingredients are natural in origin and largely plant derived, meaning products are not only lush.. but also incredibly potent.

The ideal Hair Rituel client? “Anyone who cares about the appearance and health of their hair, as they do their skin. Hair Rituel is perfect for both women and men of all ages and hair types.”

So, how long can clients expect to wait before noticing results?

“Clients will feel and see a difference in the appearance of their hair from the first use,” continues Irene. “With the Revitalizing Fortifying Serum, the test panel observed improvement in the volume and feel of the hair immediately and experienced exceptional benefits in hair vitality, strength and density after 3 months of use.”

Besides the line’s hero Revitalizing Fortifying Serum ($240), Hair Rituel by Sisley also includes both a Revitalizing Volumizing and Smoothing Shampoo ($95 each), Restructuring Conditioner ($90), Regenerating Hair Care Mask ($120) and Precious Hair Oil ($130) – all of which will be available from 29th July, ’18.

To find out more about Hair Rituel by Sisley or purchase your own products, head to or visit your nearest David Jones store.