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Introducing 1922 by J.M. Keune; a new range of professional men’s grooming, haircare and styling products from Keune Haircosmetics. An homage to the brand’s founder Jan Keune, this luxe new range offers a selection of cleansing and conditioning products, grooming and style staples, and a range of colour formulations – distilled exclusively for the male client.

To celebrate the launch of 1922 by J.M. Keune, we caught up with the the Creative Director for Keune Haircosmetics Australia and New Zealand, Roberto Tarla.

Talk us through the new range.

RT: The new range is a tightly edition collection of timeless grooming staples, perfect for today’s stylish man.  The range itself delivers high quality products made in the Netherlands, including care, grooming, styling and colour.

What distinguishes 1922 from other men’s care/styling ranges?

RT: The uniqueness of the range is that it was devised and developed under one roof in The Netherlands with nearly a century of expertise put into it. Our scientists have gone above and beyond to ensure the products actually do what they’re supposed to.  Creatine, known for its fortifying properties, and Hemp (minus the mind-altering THC!)  which is rich in Omega 3 and 6 and proteins, feature throughout the range and the soft woody fragrance is the perfect addition.

What is the range’s hero product?

RT: The range covers the needs of any concern or desired style, but personally I love the Premium Clay; a dry styling clay with a strong hold and matt finish. I love using this product to texturize and define short to medium hair.

How has the men’s care/grooming arena changed over the past few years?

RT: The men’s grooming arena has dramatically increased as men are becoming more conscious of how they look and want to present themselves to the world thanks to social media influencers and the like. This will only to continue to grow, so it is important for salons to capture this sector of the market and continue to cater to their male clientele.

Any advice for men looking to up their grooming game?

RT: It’s always important to take pride in the way you look and present yourself. Maintenance is key especially now with specific men’s grooming sections in stores, hair salons and the rise of barbers. Consulting with your hairdresser to ensure you are using the correct product for your hair type and concerns will help achieve the desired result.

How often should a man visit his barber/hairdresser?

RT: It depends on the style, but generally between 2 and 6 weeks to maintain a shorter style.

Where will customers/salon owners be able to purchase the new range?

RT: The range is specifically for professional only hair salons. Customers can purchase product through any hair salon or barber that would like to stock the new range throughout Australia & New Zealand.