Kim K: Pink Hair, Don’t Care

Kim Kardashian has gone all ‘beauty-school-dropout’ on us, jumping on the pink hair movement overnight.

She’s not the first to follow Frenchy’s lead though…

Here’s a collection of some of our fave celebs rocking the trend.



Kim Kardashian

Proving pink is not dead.

Nicki Minaj

Bubblegum has to be our favourite colour on the ‘Super Bass’ Barbie.


No pink list would be complete without her?

Jared Leto

Why decide between a mohawk and hot pink when you can have both?

Angelina Jolie

Has Angelina Jolie ever aged?

Hilary Duff

For proof you can go platinum, pastel, metallic AND short all at once, look no further.


Proving boys look pretty in pink too!

Lily Allen

Dusty pink and denim: timeless.


Who else could pull off pastel pink curls and still look this fierce?

Kate Moss

What is a listical without Kate Moss?

Robbie Williams

It may have been an accident, but we wish Robbie would bring this back… Maybe for his Australian tour?