True creativity is doing something that has never been done before; taking the risk, putting it out there and backing yourself.


He’s one of the industry’s most revered figures, and now celebrated Session Stylist, mentor and all-round creative, Nick Irwin is bringing his pioneering vision, multifaceted skillset and penchant for disruption to a new and career defining role with ANTI Collective.

We caught up with ANTI’s newly appointed Global Creative Director following the brand’s UK launch. 

TJ: What’s been happening in the world of Nick Irwin? 

NI: Coming towards the end of my time with the UK Fame Team, one of this year’s biggest highlights was being invited to Paris by one of my dear friends, Eugene Souleiman. Eugene kindly offered both myself and the UK FAME Team the opportunity to work on three major shows for SS19, namely Maison Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto and Thom Browne. This was a life changing experience for the team. [More recently], I’ve just finished Salon International in London and have been back to back shooting.

TJ: Tell us about your new role as Global Creative Director for ANTI Collective.

NI: This is a real pivotal moment in my career; everything that I have been working towards has now come to life in the shape of ANTI. My role as Global Creative Director is to lead, direct and communicate ANTI’s brand ethos, culture, values and aesthetic to the ANTI Global Creative team, consumers, clients and members of the hairdressing industry. More than ever, brands need a strong creative direction to drive growth.; ANTI is that it’s a brand with a very salon relevant approach to business and an agile board that will help salons both creatively and in business.

TJ: What about the brand’s ethos resonates with you most? 

NI: Without a doubt their desire to create change. It’s time for change in the industry and in the world; ANTI is at the heart of that. It’s a brand that truly embraces the hairdresser, putting the power back in their hands and treating them with a level of respect they deserve. ANTI has all the tools to achieve this; the name of the brand says it all.

TJ: What will the role encompass?

NI: The role will encompass many aspects. I will carry on as a session stylist – as this is very much at the core of ANTI – but I’ll also bring my business acumen into the mix. Too many creatives don’t understand this process, so it’s vital that we share this knowledge and create content that improves salons’ overall business.

TJ: In your opinion, who is the target ANTI Collective client/consumer? 

NI: To be honest we don’t dictate who uses our brand; it’s purely down to who wants to tap in to the world we create. We are ANTI exclusivity and it’s about empowering everyone, not a select few.

TJ: Do you have a favourite product in the range?

NI: They are all incredible and layer beautiful with each other. The range will stay small and the products will all work in harmony. We are ANTI ripping people off, so no need to repackage the same product and market it as something else. There is one ANTI product I use on every single head and that is the Everything Spray – it’s the perfect primer for any look, style, texture etc. Pure gold dust!

TJ: What’s been piquing your creative interest as of late? 

NI: I’ve just done a set of very controversial shots with Rankin, where the hair is on fire (literally). I’ve had mixed responses to it, which I love! Rankin and I both feel we have never seen anything like it done before, which is really important to us. Too many people out there are just copying; the Internet can make you lazy like that. True creativity is doing something that has never been done before; taking the risk, putting it out there and backing yourself.

TJ:  What can we expect to see next from yourself and ANTI Collective?

NI: My mission is to help build the ANTI brand – a brand that I fully believe in – from every aspect. I am ANTI in my nature, as is everyone in the company – so we will continue to personify that in everything we do. We have a moral compass as our governing guideline, which is core to our culture, and it’s time to collaborate and share our beliefs across the board. We have an incredible campaign coming soon and a new cult in education that’s all about ‘Antifying Hair’.