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Famed for their focus on ultra-rich ingredients and high-quality products, Moroccanoil are thrilled to have recently launched the NEW Frizz Shield Spray, a true game changer when it comes to those classically humid summer months in Australia.

Hardworking against humidity but kind to the hair’s condition, Frizz Shield Spray continues Moroccanoil’s longstanding commitment to quality and is the ultimate addition to any product arsenal – be you in salon, on set or packing up for a beach holiday this summer.

We sat down in salon with Moroccanoil Global Ambassador Richi Grisillo to chat through the exciting ingredients within the product, it’s versatility both in salon and on set and also how – more generally speaking – Moroccanoil nurtures artistry within our craft through the emphasis of empowering their artists both locally and on the international stage.

TJ: What sets Moroccanoil’s new Frizz Shield Spray product apart?

RG: What sets Frizz Shield Spray apart from the rest of the Moroccanoil range – as well as competitor products – is that it really bases itself around condition, nourishment, and creates a shield like it envelops the hair with somebody to help protect it from humidity not just like stop humidity affecting their hair. I think other competitive products can make the hair feel like it’s got a coating, but Frizz Shield Spray really does just make it feel soft and beautiful.

TJ: Can you chat us through the ingredients and technology behind Frizz Shield Spray specifically, and perhaps the wider Moroccanoil range in general, that really sets it apart?

RG: The cornerstone of the entire Moroccanoil product range is the famous argan oil, alongside super rich and fatty acids. Think of it like almost like skincare – you’ve got these naturally occurring squalenes and things that help to seal the hair smooth it down and nourish it. Healthy hair behaves, so that’s why argan oil is such a popular ingredient throughout the range. In terms of ingredients specific to Frizz Shield Spray, its has Amaranth peptides and jackfruit extract, so really quite nourishing fibers and ingredients that are derived from natural places to help infuse the hair with more of a nourishing benefit. There’s actually a paint in Europe that they use on street walls that repels water so the walls don’t tarnish, which is basically the concept behind anti-humectant products like this one. Instead of your hair strand wanting to absorb moisture, like when we wash it, it actually helps to bounce particles away. This is what we face on the East Coast of Australia – humidity is everywhere. We can’t get away from it, especially this time of year. That’s why Frizz Shield Spray is a bit of a hero product at the moment and has been utilized so heavily in salon.

moroccanoilTJ: On the subject of humidity and tailoring your hair routine to your environment, how do you think Frizz Shield Spray and the wider Moroccanoil range fits in with this idea?

RG: Moroccanoil definitely has this Mediterranean, beachy holiday vibe, which makes it so fantastic for climates like Australia that can be so humid. You’ve got to moisturise the hair – the same thing as with your skincare. Whilst Frizz Shield Spray is heat activated, we’ve also found that it’s quite versatile and naturally curly textures really enjoy Frizz Shield Spray when it is just sprayed into wet hair and left to dry naturally. You obviously don’t get the full power of the product, but you still get the benefits – the nourishment, the ingredients, the UV protection. It’s the trifecta of healthy hair.

TJ: Frizz Shield Spray has obviously been hugely beneficial to you in salon. Have you found use for it on set or in your editorial work?

RG: I actually used it on Chrishell (Stause, Selling Sunset) when I did her hair for the ARIAs just recently! It was just the most humid, horrendously hot day, so we used Frizz Shield Spray as a layering product alongside Moroccanoil’s Volumizing Mist and the Original Treatment. Frizz Shield Spray over the top acted as a bit of a barrier. I was shocked by how well the hair lasted.

TJ: Can you chat me through your career highlights to date with Moroccanoil?

RG: Highlights for me so far? Well I do have to say 2024 is shaping up to be huge for myself and Moroccanoil (but more on that later!) so stay tuned, but in terms of highlights to date? Going along to Eurovision and having the opportunity to meet the global community for the first time through such a large scale event was incredible. Representing Moroccanoil for a launch in Europe was also huge, but I have to say that every aspect of my partnership with Moroccanoil so far has been incredible. I’m super excited for the year ahead and everything we have planned, so definitely watch this space!

TJ: How does Moroccanoil support you as an artist?

RG: As an artist, not only are Moroccanoil so generous with providing the tools I need to create, but they’re not afraid to invest in the creative side of our industry. They understand that hairdressing as a craft comes first, and product supports the craft. They’re super appreciative of us as artists and know that they can’t do a job without stylists, which I think is something that’s really resonated.moroccanoil