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ANTI Collective’s juxtaposition between luxury hair credibility and street credentials were the driving force behind Opposites Attract, the recent education event held at Sydney’s Que Colour that brought together ANTI’s brand ambassadors Monique McMahon (the regal) and Nathan Yip (the rebel) to unpack these two competing elements that combine to create something truly spectacular. 

Additionally it is the gender-neutral nature of ANTI that allows it to truly encapsulate an all-inclusive approach to haircare and styling. “Being gender neutral is a big part of the ANTI DNA but it isn’t the main focus,” Nathan further explains. “Instead ANTI is designed to celebrate the individual, to celebrate creativity and challenge the norm and empower the consumer and push the boundaries of contemporary paradigms. Hair has no gender so why should products?”

Continues Monique, “We live in a modern world, where products don’t need to be gendered or ‘pink-taxed’.  This shines through ANTI’S minimalist black and white packaging, their universal scent and marketing approach.”

Here they unpack the secrets behind ANTI and the beautiful dichotomy that acts as a driving force behind the brand. Learn more about ANTI here.




TJM: Can you explain the Opposites Attract concept, and how it came about?

MM: Nathan and I both work in luxury salons and do luxurious hair, but we have opposing aesthetics and a slightly different approach to the way we get there. Nathan is known for his textured cuts and raw attitude while I’m all about polished, healthy hair and healthy colour. What brings us together is our passion for the industry and clean, ethical, luxe products that have a purpose.

TJM: What brought the regal and the rebel together in this concept, and how does ANTI play in? 

MM: ANTI was the force that brought Nathan and I together. I was obsessed with the luxury  feels and finish of the products, not to mention the sexy gender neutral packaging and grunge editorial branding. When I found ANTI, it was only natural that I ended up working with Nathan and was eager to deep dive into his creative process – starting with having him train my QUE team.  

TJM: How does ANTI play into this concept?  

MM: In ANTI terms, it’s to be ‘everything for everyone’. Funnelling that commitment a little further, the makeup of the brand’s repertoire is a minimal offering of simplified haircare  products for most hair types. ANTI lives its concept by appealing to those that live it too. 

TJM: What sets the ANTI range apart / top products from the range? 

MM: My top product from the range is definitely the Everything Cream. Just pop a little in, dry naturally and it seriously does the hard work for you! Fighting humidity, smoothing, nourishing, the lot… It really is my everything!

Nathan-YipTHE REBEL | NATHAN YIP – Director, Pretty Vacant. Stylist, Lojo Studios.

TJM: Can you explain the Opposites Attract concept? How did it come about?

NY: The Opposites Attract concept came from a group call. I was talking about how much I love the ANTI story of juxtaposition, and how it worked with the tag tagline ‘luxury hair care with street cred’. I have always loved this from the moment I started with the company, as it is 100% aligned with my ethos and procedure. 

It sprouted an idea for me that Mon and I both work in (or own) luxury salons and both charge luxury prices with a luxury finish… However our aesthetic, end result and process are completely different. I love that ANTI can facilitate such diverse practices and results with the same 11 products.

TJM: How did this working relationship between yourself and Mon start?

NY: I had been following Mon for forever and was a massive fan of her content, effortlessly beautiful work and brilliant branding. We started talking through our dual alignment with ANTI, then she asked me to come and do some cutting stuff with her team. I don’t think I could say yes quick enough! 

TJM: How does ANTI play into this concept?

NY: ANTI is the consummate artists tool. It is a high performing compact range that is made for layering and cocktailing, to create whatever style and texture you can ever imagine! It allows Mon to create the most lush, shiny bouncy blow dries you’ve ever seen whilst also allowing me to create grungy, sexy natural texture with a high street finish.