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Always at the very forefront of hair innovation and environmental preservation, the eco-centric Aveda team are forever searching for the very latest in cutting-edge technology that is as kind to the environment as it is to your hair. 

Enter, the Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color range. We recently spoke with Aveda Global Artistic Director Ian Michael Black about the exciting innovation within this range, and how to use it to achieve this seasons hottest colour trends.

TJM: Can you explain the technology behind the Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color, and what sets it apart?

IMB: The new technology used in Aveda’s Full Spectrum Permanent Vegan Treatment Hair Color centers around the use of a new alkalizer to the industry. While working with this alkalizer in combination with Ammonium Hydroxide, our team found that we were able to maintain colour lift while protecting the keratin bonds within the cortex of the hair, as well as enhancing colour penetration to get even better results. This formula also features a new protective oil blend, including organic sacha inchi, baobab and avocado oils to nourish, condition and achieve incredible shine without the need for silicones. 


TJM: Proprietary alkalizer technology powers the new colours. How does this work?

IMB: This breakthrough proprietary blend of alkalizers adds a new level of performance benefits to Aveda’s hair colour range as it allows for maximum colour lift while also reducing damage to the hair. It’s a breakthrough in the industry as it’s the first time this alkalizer blend has ever been used in professional hair colour. Aveda’s Full Spectrum collection also offers a fully customisable palette of shades, offering guests a truly unique look during their services. 

TJM: How does the Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color reflect the existing eco-friendly nature of the Aveda brand?

IMB: The key point of difference for Aveda hair colour is the dedication to ensuring high-performance results while maintaining the brand’s mission of caring for the world. All Aveda products, including hair colour, are 100% vegan, and prioritize the highest amount of naturally-derived ingredients – which for this Full Spectrum range, results in a formula that is 96% naturally derived. Our team of scientists worked with colourists from around the globe when creating this line making sure that all aspects upheld Aveda’s DNA. Additionally, this range comes in a new 100% recycled aluminum tube, and is manufactured using 100% renewable energy through wind and solar power at Aveda’s manufacturing facility.

TJM: In regards to colour trends for the winter months, what are you seeing as top trends to watch out for? And how would you recreate these using the new range of colours?
IMB: The hottest hair colour shades for this winter can be worn by any colour of hair from light to dark, but all with the commonality of soft gentle warmth that suits most skin tones. There are three key trends that follow this to look out for this season:

Candlelight Blonde – This warm shade of blonde is soft, subtle and embraces warmth but keeps clear of hair looking brassy or yellow-toned. This shade of blonde has a subtle gold tone that adds warmth and shine to blonde hair. To achieve this look, hair is pre-lightened and then toned with a mix of ash and gold to create a warm, neutral shade. 


Prelighten to Pale

Tone | 20g 10N, 20g Universal 0N, 2g Light Ash, 1g Light Intense Ash, 2g Light Gold

Milk Tea Pink This is the perfect shade for taking hair to a level 7 or 8 where we are creating a neutral “milk tea” coloured base with subtle pink undertones. To ensure that our tone stays true, we can cancel out the orange natural remaining pigment that, in combination with a cool base, will achieve a perfect neutral base that will show off the pink perfectly.

Formula: 40g 8 Natural Cool, 4g Light Blue, 4g Pink Pure Pigment

Ruby Brunette – This is a rich and lustrous brunette shade that has a soft, cool toned ruby-like reflection on deeper bases. This look is great when guests want to go darker, as it retains some warmth, so the look does not come off too harsh but also steers away from exposing the natural raw red tones in the hair.

Formula: 40g 4 Natural Cool, 4g Green Pure Pigment, 3g Violet Red, 3g Dark Violet Blue

“This breakthrough proprietary blend of alkalizers adds a new level of performance benefits to Aveda’s hair colour range as it allows for maximum colour lift while also reducing damage to the hair.”

Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director