INTERVIEW: evo Colour Creative Director Stevie English

THE JOURNAL takes you inside the wallpaper, wild and wonderful ways of Stevie English Hair.

No doubt one of Australia’s favourite industry expats, Stevie English is here for a good time and a long time. He and wife slash salon business manager, Mel Corthine have successfully built a salon culture where people “can come to learn, make money and have fun,” making the salon a beacon for the country’s top young talent and overall fearless creatives. See, there’s no judgement here, no expectations to follow trends and take out the next best award – it’s a ‘let yourself shine and everyone else will follow’ kind of mantra, and it works.

How do we know? Well, there’s the Australian Colourist of the Year award that Stevie took out in 2018 (he has been finalist too many times to count), the evo-fuelled AHIA Colour Expert of the Year gong and more recently, the appointment as evo Colour Creative Director granting him first dibs on the much anticipated hue-verse launch.

The complete range of ammonia-free permanent colour and demi-permanent gloss focuses on performance without the compromise and found a home brimming with heart in the Stevie English family.

“No one wants to see me style hair (even with the fantastic products from evo) …” laughs Stevie.

“When evo approached me with the Colour Creative Director role, it all made perfect sense … it has this unique sense of irreverence, fun and cult status courtesy of all the cool kids that have represented the brand over the last 10 – 15 years.”

“Not unlike the Stevie English brand, hue-verse embodies the ultimate balance of serious and fun – it has all the (clean!) technology tickets you’d expect from a modern colour line but with that experimental, no bullshit ethos encouraging hairdressers to be themselves and have a bloody good time doing it,” says Stevie.


Stevie touches on the team transition from one long-term colour brand to the next.

“It’s never easy … every time you change colour companies there is always a bit of fear from staff, but because I had evo hue-verse in the salon for 8 – 9 months prior, testing and assisting in product development, they had seen the range and its results in action, so were super interested to get their hands involved.”

“It actually got to the point where, before we’d moved across completely, they were choosing evo first, so as a salon owner, that’s a really nice feeling to know you’ve made the right choice for your team.”

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