We challenged Dyson Styling Ambassadors, Renya Xydis, Damien Rinaldo and Peter Thomsen to translate Dyson styling pillars, VOLUME, TEXTURE and SHINE respectively. These are their creations.

It was close to a dream brief for the Dyson Styling Ambassador team, essentially given one heat styling trait to translate as they wish. For Damien Rinaldo, it was all about that TEXTURE we know and love of the award winner, his expression an artistic amalgamation of hair and accessories – modern, timeless and built for impact.

From our editorial icon, lady Xydis, VOLUME was the key. A Dyson deliverable we received in droves in a Tim Burton-esque manifestation marking the sky the limit and featuring a lick of pink nonetheless.

For Peter Thomsen the brief was SHINE – a signature Dyson finish dialled to dramatic in a surge of long, luscious dimension.

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