To celebrate the launch of their ground-breaking Defy Damage range, Joico teamed up with Nine Zero One Salon’s Jill Buck and Riawna Capri to create the ultimate blonde for Julianne Hough.

As any colour addict can attest to… dabbling in transformations can be risky business.

As such, they require A+ treatments, premium product and expertise for days. Just ask Joico transformation muse slash colour chameleon Julianne Hough; a woman as comfortable in the salon chair as she is on a dance floor.

Alternating between coppery tones, darker dalliances and more than one variation on your classic brunette… the effervescent performer has returned to her bright and buttery blonde roots; all without batting en eyelash or breaking a strand.

For her latest return to blonde, Hough gave us a rare glimpse behind the curtain, sharing her new hue courtesy of power duo Riawna Capri and Jill Buck of Nine Zero One Salon. Harnessing the power of Joico’s Defy Damage range – and the magic of Lumishine – the pair created Julianne’s brightest blonde yet.

For those yet to be acquainted, Defy Damage is unarguably a break-through for breakages (pun intended). Comprising two unique systems – the first for salon administration and a second for at-home colour maintenance – the range offers start-to-finish protection thanks to a host of hero ingredients.

The key players? A power cocktail of Moringa Seed Oil, Arginine and Protective Lipids, combined with the brand’s one of a kind Smart Release Technology: a cleverly designed liposome delivery method that releases a continuous dose of Rose Hip Oil, Arginine and Keratin.

The result? A healthy hair transformation you can instantly see and feel. 

Living up to it’s name, Joico’s Defy Damage ProSeries delivers unbelievable results with every colour and lightening service. The two-step system supports, protects and strengthens hair bonds (before, during and after a chemical service) ensuring premium results while streamlining colour processes.

Likewise, the Defy Damage Home Care System works to reinvigorate lacklustre locks ravaged from heat styling, UV exposure and environmental pollution. Comprising the Defy Damage Protective Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Shield, the range works to remove impurities, boost moisture and combat daily damage.

Hear what Jules had to say about her epic colour transformation, beauty regime and favourite Joico product.

You’ve definitely proven yourself as someone who is not afraid of a hair colour change. What’s your go-to? JH: My go-to is blonde, because that’s the way I was born. It’s also just the most “me” and I always come back to it… always go back to your roots right? BUT I would say that my favourite colour that’s not my regular go-to would have to be red.

Would you ever go red again? JH: Honestly, [I think] everyone would kill me if I tried… but I loved [my red hair] so would absolutely try it again. I think that hair is one of the best [forms] of expression we have. [It’s good] to try new things. Hair grows back as long as you use protective [products], so [why not]. Who knows. I almost shaved my head once!

Do you think that hair colour can change a person’s mood and style? JH: I almost feel like it’s the opposite. [It’s as though] you’re in a transformational state in life, so you need an external expression to embody what you’re feeling. I think that changing your hair does that. I don’t think it actually changes YOU; I think you’re already changing and it enhances whatever mood you’re in.

Healthy hair tips from your hair glam squad? JH: I’m really just fortunate [to have] a lot of hair, so it grows fast! [Jill and Riawna focus on the health of the hair, rather than [just] what it looks like – they’re experts in both, so it just works out… double whammy for me. I get to reap all the benefits.

For makeup? JH: The older I get, the less I wear. Which is funny, because as a kid you’re always trying to look older or like everyone else. As you get older, you’re like “wait, I want to look like me! I don’t want to look like everyone else”… so let me find what enhances, but doesn’t change me.

What’s in your makeup bag? JH: The Koh Gen Do highlight cream – it’s amazing. For me its great because you can put a little bit around your eyes, on your nose, on your lips, and it’s kind of just a subtle, highlight that again accentuates your features. I’m not adding a lot of foundation; I’m just accentuating what’s already there.

In your off time, how do you style your hair? JH: I’m a big air-dry person. Right now, I have bangs that are growing out so they’re kind of shaggy and cool. It’s almost like my hair looks better the dirtier it is. I’ll have it down for a little bit, then a low pony and then when it gets really greasy, I just slick it back. Three hair styles in one week – and you don’t have to wash it!

When do you feel you’re most beautiful or confident? JH: When I’m connected to my body. It’s an output exchange; anytime I feel like I connect from my solar plexus down; that’s when I feel extremely connected to myself. I know what I need and I trust in that. [It’s about] connecting to my body in a more grounded, deeper way.

Go to hair products while traveling? JH: I use my Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield whether I’m leaving my hair to air-dry or blow-drying. I want to make sure my hair is protected at all times.

Three all-time best hair care tips? JH: I get my hair done constantly, so when [I’m not having it blow-dried] I like to leave it to air-dry. I also try to let it go for a few days between washing. It’s so important to find the right products that work for you. We work out for our bodies, we wash our faces, we read books for our minds – we have to protect and care for our hair too.

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