INSIDE THE O&M Wellness Success Retreat


Key O&M delegates were whisked away to award winning health retreat, Eden in a never-before-seen industry conference format changing the way we look at self and success.

From the moment Josie Bryce-Smith started her journey in ‘hair,’ it was never going to take a regular route. The blonde powerhouse was out to challenge not recreate the standard. In fact, standard was never part of the plan, and so success she grew. The first to confirm it wasn’t easy, Josie is refreshingly raw about her story, and has long placed health and wellness at the centre of her business strategy – for hairdressers, consumers and self alike.

Continuing the course for positive industry change, Josie and team instigated O&Ms first ever Wellness Success Retreat this month, inviting brand ambassadors, key salons and stylists to Currumbin’s award-winning retreat, Eden, for 5-days of mental and physical indulgence.

Not the indulgence we’ve all become accustomed to in this world of creative wildcats, never too far from a good time, martini, and late-night party antics.

“My number one value is success for myself and others, and health is a big part of my personal and professional ethos. It’s this combination of things – people and wellness -that drove me to O&M,” said Josie in an open Q&A session.

A strong believer in ‘you get what you think about,’ Josie uses manifesting and has long visualised gathering hairdressers on a health retreat.

“When I first entered this industry, I realised it was heavily drug and alcohol fuelled, and I was pushing a health product! My mission is to help hairdressers realise that success and wellness are so important … successful people look after themselves physically and mentally.”

Delegates including legendary Wayne Lewis, colour connoisseur, Michael Kelly, and Stevie English salon’s Mel Corthine landed at the rolling paradise ready to ditch the wifi and welcome an itinerary of body and cognitive-tingling classes to reset and give rise to real, sustainable success.

Activities included Pilates, yoga and breathwork, connecting with nature, EFT tapping and kinesi balancing, manifestation, gut health and mental wellbeing, cooking tutorials, sound healing and brain changing – joint mobilisation.

“I had expectations of doing a lot of ‘hippie’ therapies, but the retreat was the perfect balance (for me) of physical training and spiritual connection,” starts Mel.

My favourite experience was the manifestation class. I’m shocked at how much I enjoyed it, having previously written it off as nonsense. I also really loved the EFT tapping and sound healing … again, super surprised at myself, but so glad I tried something new.”

The manifestation class delved deep into the process and its 7 key steps: DESIRE, VISION, INTENTION, IMAGINATION, TAKE ACTION, BE IN SERVICE and lastly, SURRENDER.

Delegates learned that the magic of manifesting goals and ideals is in the tense and detail they are written. Be specific, what does that end goal/moment look like, smell and sound like? Who is around you, how do you feel inside and out – content, fulfilled, happy? What are you wearing? Write notes as though your successes are happening now and every day, read over them.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is a simple technique based on the principle of ancient Chinese medicine using acupoints/meridian points, combined with modern psychology to reduce stress and for emotional and mental wellbeing. Tapping on these points sends a message to the brain that it is safe and starts by identifying the stress you would like to work on.

“Tapping is something I do every day, and I believe that how you start the day is how you end the day,” commented Josie of her morning routine that also includes tongue scraping, body brushing and ‘shaking the fat.’

“What this does is move the toxins, and with simple practices such as these, you set yourself on a detox in less than 3-minutes.”

Queen of content and long-time friend of the brand, Natalie Anne joined the group on day 4 for another open Q&A session with a ‘nothing off limits’ discussion touching on the management of staff, the formula to successful content, and of course, social media and influencer engagement.

“Look to engage micro influencers with around 2 – 3K followers. With most people now aware of influencer marketing and how it works, these smaller profiles are going to be far more trusted than a macro influencer.”

Natalie-Anne underscored the importance of engaging influencers local to the salon for real, bums on seats engagement versus just an increase in followers, and touched on the effectiveness of the ‘volume game.’

“There’s a reason why flyers on cars and the humble letterbox drop are so effective, it’s a volume game. You want a lot of micro influencers in the salon, monthly, in one session to really start building brand awareness, “suggests Nat.

With time forever the essence, delegates enquired into the hours spent on managing a successful salon Instagram account.

“I negotiated with a staff member (who is all about work like balance) and essentially wanted to work a four-day week. She manages our account and on estimation, I’d say it takes 2 hours a day.”

“We use the collaboration tool whereby staff are creating their own content, tagging the salon and then our social media manager edits and curates the feed, and it’s never been so active,” shares Nat.

A simple yet genius idea reiterated by Josie earlier that day.

“Know yourself, know what you’re good at and outsource the other things. Yes, this requires investment, but stick to what you’re good and you’ll be able to afford it. So much of success is about being clear and courageous – about who you are and the people you want around you.”

A sentiment well and truly absorbed by every delegate who walked away lighter and brighter in more ways than one. The world talks a lot about the importance of ‘sustainability’ for a longer more valuable life on Earth, and the same applies for life within ourselves, and our own precious resources – mind, body and breath. Respect them and they will repay you handsomely.

Thank you, Josie and O&M – forever leading the way for the health and wealth of ‘hair.’