Get behind Charlie’s Angels this March and help the Charlie Teo Foundation tackle brain cancer head on.

A joint initiative between the Australian Hairdressing Council and The Journal, this campaign will raise much needed funds for the Charlie Teo Foundation’s research efforts, in the areas of brain cancer and neurosurgery.

Founded by medical pioneer, Dr. Charlie Teo, the Charlie Teo Foundation is a renowned Not For Profit, that’s shaking up the the way funds are raised for brain cancer research.

“Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease, yet the survival rate has increased just 1% over the past 30 years,” says Teo. “Compare this with advancements made in other cancers, with survival rates increasing 20% or more.”

“For brain cancer patients and their families, these numbers are the difference between hope for the future or complete despair,” he continues. “We are going to change those numbers by running a low cost, lean and efficient charity and thinking outside the box to fund more innovative brain cancer research.”

“It is my dream to find a cure for brain cancer. My determination and inspiration comes from my patients. Every day they teach me extraordinary hope and courage.” Check out our interview with Founder Dr. Charlie Teo here).

So, how can salons get involved? During the month of March, participating salons can invite clients to make a $2 gold coin donation following their service. (Register your participation here).

It’s not a huge ask, and with the high volume of clients that visit salons daily, it’s a great way to achieve significant numbers for a worthwhile cause. Naturally, any additional donations from salons or clients will be very much welcomed in the lead up to March.

Salons can then make a lump sum donation of their raised funds into the Charlie’s Angels bank account, before which the final sum will be presented to the Charlie Teo Foundation at the end of March.

This year’s combined total will be announced by Dr. Charlie Teo himself at the 2019 Australian Hair Fashion Awards.

In keeping with the hair sphere’s penchant for dress-ups, participating hairdressers may don their own wings and/or halos, dress up in full angel attire or channel their inner crime fighters as one of Charlie’s favourite Angels.

We can’t wait to witness the fruits of this amazing initiative!

To register your salon and/or keep up to date on all things Charlie’s Angels, visit: