Now in its 15th year, ghd’s pink campaign has seen over $15 million in funds raised for breast cancer charities globally.

And that’s just the beginning. To celebrate the initiative’s milestone anniversary, ghd has teamed up with leading mastectomy tattoo artist David Allen for their most heartfelt collaboration yet.

A selection of limited edition style heroes (the ghd gold and platinum+ respectively), the new ‘ink on pink’ collection features ornate floral illustrations designed by Allen himself, with proceeds from each styler going towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s global research efforts.

Working as a tattoo artist for over a decade, David has devoted
his craft to helping breast cancer survivors reclaim their femininity post-mastectomy, artfully concealing scars with sprawling botanical minutiae and bespoke floral motifs.

Each design captures the wearer’s unique survival journey; deriving aesthetic cues from the client’s own spirit and vision. “The process is collaborative,” says David. “I work on different designs and share them with my clients. We then work together to capture their vision too.”

“Every woman communicates differently and has a different view of their own body,” he continues. “It’s important for me to get a feel for who they are: we mirror each other and that process creates a bond.”

A bond so intimate in fact, that Allen is privy to each clients’ metamorphosis as it occurs. “There’s a shift that happens during the process. It’s a little overwhelming [albeit] beautiful. There’s this reclaiming of whoever they are. It’s bigger than me; bigger than the process, and to see that change is empowering.”

For David, the decision to partner with ghd – a brand whose altruistic values align with his own – was a no brainer, and upon being approached to design their latest pink collection, he accepted with full fervour.

“The connection with ghd and this partnership makes sense,” he shares. “The amount of effort, thought and money they put into helping women with cancer is extraordinary. The whole process was wrapped in love and emotion, and I was pretty hands on which was so important to me.”

Launching this June, the collection accompanies ‘My Tattoo, My Story’: a campaign aimed at raising both collection visibility and awareness for the cause. Fronted by three real-life heroes including Grace Lombardo (pictured) – who enlisted David’s artistry to conceal her mastectomy scars – the campaign’s message is one of triumph and hope; celebrating survivorship and reclaimed control post illness.

“I want people to see the power and beauty of these women and the choices they’ve made,” says David. “[There’s] a validation that occurs when you hear someone’s story. When you’re listening and present. There’s a healing in that.”