Amidst the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, it’s only normal to experience a sense of unease or apprehension.

From the daily barrage of news, statistics and social commentary through to baron shopping aisles, salon closures and ever-mounting social restrictions; it can be difficult to sift through the chaos.

To find meaning in the madness; a silver lining in what feels like an increasingly helpless situation.

Whether you’ve been forced to shut up shop, have had your working hours profusely cut or are simply trying to navigate salon operation under a new set of stringent restrictions, one thing’s for certain…

Regardless of our varying situations, ideologies or the approaches we each take, we are all (by very virtue of our humanity) in this together.

Albeit physically disparate.

It’s this recurring sentiment, coupled with an ardent desire to give back to the industry that has inspired so many incredible professionals to emerge and offer their time, talents and insights to keep us all afloat.

If you’re looking for a way to quash that isolation ennui, or just get those creative juices flowing, these new avenues could be your salve; especially if you’re a little strapped for cash, or aren’t able to commit to a paid subscription at present.

1. Aftermath Hair Ed.:

An online eduction group offering free skills education, business advice and social healing (be sure to check out Malisa Masci’s meditation series for a spiritual pick-me-up!) amidst the current industry climate.

As per the page’s blurb, ‘Aftermath Hair Education is a global independent resource for professional hairdressers. A platform for hairdressers to create, contribute and consume hairdressing education content, 24/7.’

Co-created (and moderated) by Kobi Bokshish and Adam Ciaccia, the group is an open source platform for all hairdressers (irrespective of location or brand affiliation) to connect and share their work with peers from across the industry.

“The idea was to create a space wherein hairdressers could consume uplifting, (politically neutral) content that’s shared by all, and not solely dictated upon by us or anyone else,” shares Adam.

“That was our starting point – and it quickly manifested into something bigger than we could have expected,” he continues. “The response has been overwhelming… we’re doing our very best to keep up.”

“We wanted to offer a healthy distraction for those at home, and to help hairdressers practice their skills during this time,” Adam shares. “We hope to create a tribe that’s all about sharing kindness, love and positivity.”

“We both agreed on the basic premise – from an emotional perspective (rather than a logistical one),” continues Kobi. “Both of us share a common goal and a sole mission to make a difference in all that we do.”

“I’m so grateful to have a voice in this industry, but now it’s time to give back,” he adds. “Aftermath Ed. is the perfect platform to give hairdressers from all over the country (and world) an opportunity to connect and inspire one another.”

“There’s no exterior, or ulterior motives; it really is just pure in its form,” says Adam. “It’s one place that people can feel free to forget about everything else, and concentrate on their first love… which is hair”.

“At the end of the day, we just want to give back to an industry that has given us both (and all of us) so much,” he adds. “This is a time for banding together (as creatives and humans); to offer what we can within each of our own capacities”.

An exercise in altruism (with no commercial ties or affiliations), Aftermath Hair Ed. can be accessed via Facebook, with those wishing to partake needing only to send through a request to join before answering a few relevant questions.

“So far our group members have covered a range of topics – from colouring, extensions, barbing and business coaching (specifically how to respond to the situation) to meditation and yoga. All on one platform; all for free,” says Kobi.

“We both love this industry and we’re doing what we can to help during this time,” he concludes. “We want to help as many people as we can to survive this situation, by keeping everyone informed and educated.”

“The end goal? To inspire, to motivate and to connect.” Amen to that.

2. DCI Streaming Library:

In a time where we all need to stay motivated and inspired, DCI are helping the hairdressing community by opening up their coveted Streaming Library (which contains over 100 step-by-step videos) to the hairdressing community globally.

Launched in 2007, the platform is updated yearly with video content to assist and up-skill hairdressers. To subscribe, use the coupon, “WithLoveDCI” when registering for the library on the DCI subscription page.

“DCI hope you are inspired to be better after watching the DCI online library and we feel very grateful to be of assistance to the hairdressing community,” the team shares. “We are all better together! Big love from the team at DCI Education.”

Founded by award winning hairdresser and educator, Dario Cotroneo, DCI Education was established in 1998 to equip hairdressers with an array of skills and fundamental techniques, in a unique and supportive environment.

Well done team.

3. Social Streaming:

While not strictly classed as education platforms, there’s a plethora of epic content pieces circulating the cyber sphere. We don’t know about you, but over the last few months, Instagram’s save function has become our best friend.

From Renya’s stunning IGTV hair tutorials, all the way through to Lauren McCowan and Jules Tognini’s new ‘Ferns Between Us‘ insta-account (think: comedy, with a dash of serious); there truly is something for every creative.

So, dust off your mannequin heads. Keep yourself sane, healthy and inspired. And (if you can) use some of this extra time to nurture old or new skillsets, while reflecting on your gains thus far. Remember, this too shall pass.

And as a wise man once said: ‘Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’. We couldn’t agree more.

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